Business needs to communicate and touch is part of people's relationship. But when and where does it interact with business communication?

In the caf├ęs of the world, researchers watched adult patrons of how often they were in contact. The score: in London, 0; Florida 2, Paris, 110; and Puerto Rico, 180 times!

How much business communication is too much? All this depends on where you are dealing. Here are some guidelines on when to touch and when to hold hands in business communication.

Business Communication Skills – Low-Touch and High-Touch Countries

Touch. These include the United States, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands and some other Nordic countries. This means that it is unlikely that you will touch the business situation and any touch may cause discomfort.

o In low-touch countries, handshake is the only accepted form of touching the business, and this is the only time you are expected to be physically in touch.

o Countries such as Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean countries qualify as high standards. You are more likely to receive the friendly embrace or barking of people coming from these countries.

Business Communication – Handshakes and Kisses

o Handshakes can be very large. In North America good handshaking is solid with two or three pumps. A person with poor handshake is considered insecure or distrustful and leaves a negative impression. In other cultures, however, weak handshakes may be the norm.

o In many cultures, people are kissing in social and business environments. For example, in Canada, people will shake hands, but in Canada, in Canada, it is not uncommon to kiss the business relationship on his face. On one face, with two faces, or even three times, kissing changes according to culture and location.

o The point: Most people in North America are suspicious, especially those of the same sex in the business environment. But if you travel from people from other cultures or are in business, you may experience that a kiss on your face is a normal greeting and does not mean anything like a handshake. Be aware of cultural differences and follow people's meetings.

We are asked to use these tips and guidelines to add the right link to business communication.

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