Imaging is one of the prestigious branches of fine art. There are numerous career or job opportunities that are easy to access in the field of imaging. All of these career opportunities provide many financial gains that can help learners themselves and their families. Some of these wonderful job opportunities are discussed below.

Advertising Advisor: An Expert in Promoting Products and Services. They are generally consulted with the purpose of providing technical advice on the correct form of advertising to select a particular product or service.

Interior Decorator: An artist decorates interior or exterior parts of buildings, such as homes, offices, churches and other public buildings in an artistic way, especially at weddings, etc.

Landscape Artist: Artist painting on canvas and other materials such as market scenes, festivals, etc.

Printer Maker: An artist who is able to print and participate in printing projects. Apply different printing technologies to T-shirts, banners, cups, etc. For making prints.

Gallery Owner: Owners and / or agents of an art gallery (room or room series where art works are displayed). Curator: Art historian serving as the art museum or headquarters where a large collection of works of art, such as paintings, etc., is available. [19659002] Computer Animator: an artist who has expertise in making motion pictures for movies and movies in the use of a computer

Cartoonist: Designs of satirical or humorous images and scenes (magazines), journals,

Illustrator: Illustrate books to explain the printed text or content of a book.

Teacher: Educating Students in Imaging in Educational Institutions

Exhibition Designer: An Artist Designing and Rendering an Exhibition.

Event Organizer: An Artist Who Events with Visual Communication Tools (eg Banners, Posters, Flyers, T-Shirts, etc. To support a special, upcoming or ongoing event such as a sporting activity, entertainment, etc. [19659002] Muralist: The walls and pictures of public buildings, homes and offices are in the form of decorations [19659002] Mosaic artist: An imaging artist who makes pictures of small cubes made of shiny stone, glass or colored paper

Museum Pedagogy: an Artist who directs people to objects and objects of art, historical or artistic value in a museum

Portrait artist: Draw and paint accurate portrayal of people and other landscapes, usually these are laminated in wood or plastic frames or decorated with glass panels in the rooms and in offices [19659002] Stage Designer: He is Responsible for Designing, Arranging, and Decorating Stage Theater Performances

Product Designer: Designing Products for Companies and Industries Before Producing

Tourism Developer: An artist who creates or creates other artists for the arts tourism

Industrial Designer: An artist who designs products for the industry. He can use it to be responsible for the industry's artistic design.

Color Psychologist: An expert in color theory who knows the psychological or mental impact of colors on people. It is being consulted before certain special colors are selected for various tasks by institutions, especially health and mental institutions.

Art Therapist: Art is a form of therapy or therapy designed to cure mentally disturbing and emotionally disturbed patients.

Art historian: An artist who knows the history of different groups and people's art world-wide.

Artistic Critic: Expert in criticizing or evaluating artworks of competitions and exams. He also looks at various artists' works, each of them writing a detailed commentary on journals and leading newspapers.

Artistic Director: Director responsible for the artistic characteristics of theatrical production (costumes, scenery and lighting).

Art Advisor: Artistic expert, usually consulted by companies, industry and institutions to provide technical advice on artistic decisions, such as color choices, logo or logo, etc.

Art Collector / Trader: A person who collects multiple artefacts and businesses

Artistic Administrator: Head of the Art Department of an institution responsible for all decisions related to art.

Archivist Collection and Cataloging (Historical Records and Documents with Depositories)

Enrollment in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimaging as a field of study is very rewarding. High school students who want to learn in the field of art can consider reading the courses of imaging, as this will give them the skills needed to develop their career.

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