Hard and Competitive Business Environment

is living and becoming more and more difficult

the goals. You have to raise your colleagues

and its competitors. You have to work hard for a career

Progress and Better Compensation

Become Senior Leader, Entrepreneur or

is an employee, this book shows you the best way

is successful, fulfill your personal and career goals,

highlights competition and differentiates itself

from the packaging. David F. D Alessandro shows you how to do it

stands out from the crowd with his own development

"Personal Brand"; and provides valuable lessons

What is your personal brand?

You have to admit that success is not just that

is playing hard and working properly.

To be successful in your business and your career, you

should be able to distinguish himself from others

the package – you need to develop it, build it and protect it


Personal branding is your way of managing your business either

business. This is a way of communication

different and special. Using these properties

you can distinguish yourself from your associates that you are

can extend success.

You can follow 10 rules you can build on

successful personal brand and retention:

1. Rule: Try to look across your own navel – The biggest

is a barrier to building a positive personal brand

own ego. In order to be attractive personal

is a brand, you need selfishness and you need it

to respect the people around you.

2nd rule: do you like it or not, its boss a

Your brand – You must know and accept the fact

early in your career, your boss will live the most

is the reward for your ideas, the money you brought

etc. How does the business world work? do

is not to fight the power structure. Instead, they learn how to do it

play and live with it

3. rule: put the boss on the coat – not all bosses

helps. It is best to recognize what kind of thing

your personality to the boss to notice it

what benefits and disadvantages this person has

cause the brand.

4th rule: Find out which Pickle Forks is – Good manners

is key to personal development and development

brand. The models of consideration and respect,

knowledge and patience. Train a good business etiquette.

5th Rule: Kenny Rogers is True – While important

to seize the opportunity to build his brand,

is equally important to know what battles are needed. Can

when to continue fighting and when to move.

6th Rule: Always Display Time – You need to know that

reputations are generally not great events –

Sometimes those big events that kill the brand.

Builds your reputation every day

behavior in the business environment, for example, how it handles it

with people, how to make decisions, work methods,


7th Rule: Creating Better Enemies – Best Personal Brands

includes courtesy, honesty, tolerance, self – esteem and

good and correct behavior. However, a small amount

the cruelty is good for the brand. Your reputation

will not suffer much if you fight with your enemies,

But he will suffer if he loses his self-esteem.

8th Rule: Try not to swallow the bubble – Once

successfully built his brand and grows in

rank, do not lose the forest. Do not be over

full of yourself that you will swallow your success.

Weak for your humanity and bad for your career.

ninth Rule: You're flying higher, the more you shoot

– Everyone makes a mistake. The higher the

is a successful ladder, the more likely it is that you have any mistakes

will be highlighted. Accept the bad press coming

in all areas.

10th rule: Everyone could have been a competitor; Make sure

Stay One – Set yourself apart from your companions.

As you keep comparing with your peers,

Do not be afraid to offer something special or distinctive.

Do not give up easily. Do not throw the towel immediately

is due to one or two disadvantages. Learn about your mistakes and

can do this. Do not lie, do not cheat

steal. Be careful of the good reputation.

Source by Regine Azurin

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