Reflexology in holistic health is one of the first five career choices. It uses a specialized technique sometimes called compression massage in specific reflex points on hands, feet and ears, and has been found to be very effective in evaluating and alleviating a wide range of health disorders and conditions.

Professional reflexology training provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the reflexologist to do this non-invasive therapy, which usually fits well with other natural therapies such as aromatherapy, reiki or massage.

Reflexologists work almost everywhere in the doctors' office, film sets, clinics, homes, gymnasiums and even luxurious linens. The business and the potential of reflexologists are growing rapidly. Although the self-employment of a reflexologist is a norm for many people, more and more individuals find good jobs full-time or part-time in different organizations.

An interesting career option is the opening of employee benefit plans. Nowadays, employers are beginning to provide holistic services to their employees as part of their employees' preventive programs. They understand that the physical and mental stress of workers increases the cost of healthcare, production loss and absenteeism, which makes reflexology programs very popular among employer programs.

Six More Reasons for Reflexology as a Career

1 – Reflexology Portable! You are the business – you are not tied to an employer, a building, or expensive, standing equipment. If you are moving, then your practice.

2 – Work is easy. Yes, reflexology requires special training, careful attention and precision skills. However, for physical work – no. Most people with disabilities, frequent tiredness or aging muscles and joints can continue to apply the Reflexology perfectly.

3 – Respecting friends, family, neighbors, and clients. Reflexology is not a passing tree or a "new age" test. It is an ancient healing art that is rooted in the intuitive understanding of cultural healers. With the modern understanding of science and anatomy, it is more effective than ever. [4] – The possibility of enlargement. Reflexology practice can be in itself and earn a lot of revenue as well as comfortable to live. However, they will never "get stuck" if you want to broaden your horizons. This is complemented by other natural therapies or spa services. You can add aromatherapy, massage, plant dermatology or stone work – just a few.

5 – Improve your social life. Reflexology is part of a much larger community, including holistic, natural therapies and advocates. You will find that joining the community offers opportunities for workshops, seminars, retreats and community organizations – both online and at local level.

6 – Set your own lessons. Would you like to work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm? If you want, you can not do it, but you're not in the office. It's your business, you set the clocks. Want a vacation – just do not book a date during the day!

Reflexology's Ultimate Thoughts:

Continuing reflexology education provides you with unique career opportunities within an organization or launching your own reflexology healthcare business. Choosing reflexology as a career allows you to earn money with a minimum of investment and the knowledge you bring back to the community.

Source by Lauren Slade

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