Firefighter career is the most useful and joyous career on earth. I'm a little drunk; I've been a firefighter for 19 years and loved every minute. The firefighters' career is one of those careers that you are really looking forward to doing in the morning.

Fire Fighting is challenging, competitive, and sometimes frustrating. Do not suffice, be successful and be successful – if you really want to. This is not a career opportunity that you want some kind of want or some kind of want – you really want it. Competition is tough, but people who put them in their hearts, souls, and preparation hours are those who come forward.

To be successful, you have to make a plan. No team can not win without a plan, business can not succeed with a plan and no one can reach their dreams with a plan

Goals are the backbone of our living space. You should focus on what your wills and desires are like, decide on change, and take action. You need to try and change it to succeed

Goals need to be well defined, written, timed, personalized, and reasoned.

through the definition and definition of goals.

There are many successful killers. The first killer is postponement. We all find that we are inclined to delay when things get awkward.

To achieve any purpose of life, it is necessary to overcome the delay. You have to take daily steps.

Now I want you to write down six items you've put out. Maybe a workplace or school project. Maybe a phone call to a customer. Maybe it's as simple as putting on the lawn.

Give six items you put out:

Then I want you to deal with two now. Call this phone call, write the paper, and yes, you need to get that lawn .


Do not continue until the two elements are completed. If you can not finish the task today, at least do something to finish it.

"Decisions without action are worthless."

I moved to a busy station after a few years after a "simple life" at a slow station:

After some busy nights and some working fires I realized that I had to make great efforts in my physical health! And I had to do it fast. The idea that I could not make and slow the team was too much to wear. I was always very proud of playing the game in the field of fire fighting. After all, I am part of the solution, not the problem!

I was aiming to return to the top three months later. I set daily action lists, weekly and monthly goals. It was a support for a young aggressive staff and the highest possible service.

¨ Primary Goal

Best form in 3 months.

¨ Daily and Weekly Goals

1. Training at least 5 days a week

2. Get to know PEER fitness trainers to develop a better job and nutrition plan

3. Increase Distance Distance 3 Miles per Day

4. Eat Healthier

5. Let a coaching partner motivate me.

This is a short list of short-range and long-term goals I have made for myself.

Recognize that two things need to happen to reach my goal, a combat form "or any purpose:

First, define your purpose It must be for driving, driving reasons If the reason is simply" better " It does not give the motivation for success, but if I have a reason, let me give the firefighters and the community the best, and that's why I'm sure it will motivate me

Second, build smaller goals that are always in line with the primary goals and are often evaluated, and you will see, for example, that I had a goal to meet with a PEER fitness instructor. If that is the case, I can mark it as completed and then add goals that I learned for this purpose

I have achieved my goal of returning to the top shape. By achieving this goal, I achieved other goals in my workout and my health.

My targeting process has served me well and will continue to serve well.

I like to set your weekly and monthly goals and place them in my daytime timing. I definitely believe in some sort of a daily designer. I make my daily action lists and my short and long-term goals as a daily planner, so they always know about me and remind me of them.

Let's look at our Fitness Goal again:

Some of my weekly goals may be:

· Join a Health Club

· Hire a Personal Trainer

· Workout Preparation

Now I'm on my daily action list: [19659002] · Futasson 30 minutes daily

· Daily Nutrition Intake

· Read a daily fitness article daily.

Fighting every day of the week.

The idea is simple but effective. Goals and daily actions make us our primary goal to get the best shape.

So maybe you may wonder how this applies to the quest for becoming a firefighter? Well, a lot of things! The Fire Service's career aspiration is demanding and competitive. You have to put yourself in the top of the package, you have to give everything and be the best candidate.

I believe I'm doing something new to my everyday life. I am constantly examining my short-term goals and building upon them during my weekly review of the goals

An example of this is the addition of a weekly 5 minute increment.

The key to success is indeed everything:

1. Daily action toward your goal

2. Evaluate your progress – feedback.

3rd Modify our Routes

Action – If your daily goal is accomplished, you are heading toward your primary goal. Each action creates a reaction. All the progress, however small, guarantees success.

Rate Progress – I like to call feedback. This is an important step in development. We need to be assured or the actions are moving towards our goal. Feedback from weekly and monthly reviews will help us stay on track. Keep in mind that a ship or machine will never stay on the track without constant adjustments from the feedback. We must do the same thing in order to keep our goal even longer.

Modify our Methods – In order to reach your dreams, we need to change what we are doing now. Sometimes this can be considered a victim. We have to change our lives to change our lives just now!

Our goal is to become a career outflow, requiring planning, action, and sacrifice. By completing my daily and weekly tasks, the guaranteed result will be successful.

Nothing can be done. But everything is possible. Stop your mind for a dream and it will.

You are living tomorrow – today!

Source by Roger Waters

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