Is capable of successfully persuading others to adjust to your views or to vote for you, training that can be developed through training and practice. Experience shows that many persuasion is approached in a way that is difficult to achieve. The beginning of a successful persuasion is to create trust and credibility in order to attract the public's attention.

Current election campaigns in Nigeria

Politics business is currently very active in Nigeria when election campaigns have been launched to convince voters of candidates from various political parties in the April 2011 general elections.

As always, electoral education is becoming more and more shocking nowadays, demonstrating the oratorical and persuasive skills of some politicians, the lack of intangible communication of others. Those who do not have oratory and persuasive skills usually base their campaigns with other contestants / character scales. Clear communicators focus on questions, that is, their manifesto.

Violence in Political Life

We are witnessing the current lack of political violence in Nigeria because of the inability of politicians to communicate. Those who do not know how to persuade a voter can simply compete with other competitors. This results in avoidable violence, which has a negative impact on politics. I would like to advise the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (INEC) for political candidates to go through public speech and persuasive discourse training to prevent the current violence of violence that is mostly caused by abusive language use.

candidates who do not have public speaking and persuasive communication skills require essentially electoral fraud as academically lazy students are always looking for questionnaires as the test days approach. Research shows that one of the reasons for electoral fraud in this country is opposition to electoral fraud despite the lack of persuasion of voters and the overwhelming majority of politicians.

Campus Violence and Oratory Discrimination

A Serious, Comic It is to be noted that the lack of persuasive skills is so tragic that it has led to an increase in the membership of the Nigerian campus cult groups. Research shows that most cult members can not successfully betray or convince ladies. That is why they threaten target women to enter them with membership of cult groups. It is true that the causes of most intercultural conflicts in universities are often as sad as the girlfriends.

President Barack Obama has changed the status quo in the United States by becoming the first black president because of the perception of public opinion and persuasive discourse. He is simply a charismatic speech.


Capable of communicating convincingly with a skill that can be used in all areas of personal or business life. In short, it is said that the difference between an impotent conversation and a motivating communicator is to persuade people to participate in win-win relationships. According to Dr. Kevin Hogan, author of The Psychology of Persuasion, the world would be a very different place, without the few people who knew the persuasive skills and used them efficiently in generations.

The (desirable) state of the individual's state of mind is a very important thing in the process of persuasion. When you define this, you can persuade the person by showing them how to reach them. It is worth noting that if a person is unable to contact someone, then no significant connection can occur. The report is important for persuasion and for all communications.

Negotiation and Persuasion

Although negotiations and persuasion are nearly the same, they are semantically different. The negotiation includes the conclusion of an agreement on the price or the specific conditions of the agreement; while persuasion is the art that people get from your perspective to see everything in their own way. But negotiating skills are needed to be good convincing and persuasive skills are needed to be a good negotiator.

Roger Dawson, a renowned author and marketing expert, says: "Selling is really a compelling race, is not it? Try to persuade the buyer to buy the buyer and try to persuade him to buy from his point of view." [19659002] Challenge and Solution

If you are a seller who is very good at building business relationships and building relationships with customers, but closure is your problem, as only the customer can not "sign the dashed line", there is a solution. Dawson's words: "Let me tell you such a simple and effective effect, that's wonderful because few people know how powerful it is … This simple technique is to use the person's name at the beginning or end of the sentence and his request A little you have to decide your mind and smile as he says his name … "[19659002] Creating Credibility

The good news is that you can adopt many strategies you can use to reach effective persuasion. One of these is to substantiate its credibility, as mentioned above. For example, in the workplace credibility comes from expertise and relationships. People are recruited as experts when they have a sense of judgment or are well-justified in their suggestions. Certainly from time to time they have to prove that they serve the dignitaries of others.

Wise Choice

Another strategy is a wise decision. If you make a bad choice during persuasion focusing on things that are extremely unrealistic or technically impossible, there is a risk that you can not persuade the audience successfully.

Naomi Karten, "Changing how it communicates with change," says: "Still a shot is worth, one project manager, Cliff, called for courage to ask for a three-month leave from the boss to achieve personal goals. "He almost did not hear that his boss says," All right, look for a way to do this. ""

Special About the Expected Results

You need to be special to achieve effective persuasion. "I'm waiting for you five million votes"; "I want to approve my N2 million quoted in my suggestion", etc. Most people want to know why "behind us".

For example, if you support your proposal, collect as much relevant data as you can. The fact that you have done homework is a clear advantage for those who seek or rely on conviction.

First of all, likes people

Forensic help is being given to people's honest support. In accordance with the principle of reciprocity, people commit themselves to return when a favor is done to them. Robert Cialdini says in the "Influence" text that even people who do not like are more likely to do the more we want merely favors.

However, this principle has negative consequences, for example. if money is distributed to people to persuade them to vote.

Focusing on Audience Questions

Another thing to focus on important issues for the audience. Consider what these people emphasize when trying to convince them. For example, if they emphasize facts and numbers, they try to do the same. If you focus on whether people or productivity, deadlines, etc. It will affect you by applying the key points accordingly. The more your own case is the same for your audience, the better chance of winning them.

Never Consider Immediate Positive Response

Do not wait for an immediate positive answer in your conviction or suggestions. It's easy to persuade a friend to change an appointment. Karten says that although something big, such as accepting agile methods, is unlikely to get an immediate response. Patience and perseverance are usually required for shopping for greater intervention. Allows you to look at the idea and show you what other organizations are doing.

Accepting Refusal

Today's attention has shifted from aggressive marketing to secure marketing. For example, if a customer or brochure detects a deficiency in your product or service and draws attention to it, listen to him and promises to refute (assertive marketing) instead of rejecting his opinion as false or unfounded and unnecessary protection. If you refuse, accept the decision and make the necessary changes.


To persuade others, we must learn and apply the strategies of effective persuasion. If we have the principles of effective persuasion, our marriage life, our career, etc. Strengthened.

Source by Goke Ilesanmi

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