As a Principal Manager, I try to read as many books on this topic as I can. Now I've completed the Now What: A Young People Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career of Nicholas Lore. There were great expectations of moving to the book, based on the latest book I read from this author. I must say that I was not disappointed.

The first few chapters are quite basic and boring as the author describes the various tests that college students can do to get acquainted with the type of their personality and which career they want to hire. The best part of the book is the toolkit provided by Lore. This allows the reader to turn on and learn to read. The book forces you to take action toward your career and actually provide you with encouragement and motivation on the road.

There were also some negative ones. The only thing I did not want was the author's testing and coaching services, and sometimes I felt as if I was reading a promotional piece for your business, not a book that would inform and educate. The other is negative, that there has never been mention of the negative economy we are in, and how this affects their careers. 19659002 Overall, I recommend this book to any high school or college student who is ready to look for a career. It's hard to go outside, the more you can read and prepare for the right.

Source by Dan Keller

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