As if personal communication is not enough to challenge, you can deal with multiple channels of communication that can confuse the issue of clear messaging. One of the most common aspects of communication with multiple audiences (eg Clients, Business Partners, and Top Managers) is that the internal feature of the repetitive process of the same message is the redundancy and and more interested parties.

One of the best ways to handle the need to repeat the message over multiple channels is to identify the "lift height" of your message. The idea is to have a good luck in the elevator for the lead decision maker for a project or suggestion you have. What are you saying in 30 seconds to get your interest? How do you quickly and reliably convey the benefits of your messages to people who have limited time and attention?

Considering your elevation, consider key function or for your message . The more you understand and redefine the key aspects of your own message, the easier it gets for the audience to report. US President Teddy Roosevelt was renowned for having "whistle stop" from five minutes to two hours, from the back of a city-wide train (this was before broadcasting television across the country). When asked how long it took to make a five minute speech, they claimed to have responded: "About a day." And a twenty minute speech? "A few hours." How about a two-hour speech? "I'm ready to go now!" The insight here is that your message requires more and more work in a clear and concise way than with more words in the hope that your listeners can arrange their meaning from the vast thoughts.

Having determined the lift pitch version of your message, you can tailor personal communication to sales and network events, print ads, online newsletters, and more. The elevation of the lift enhances the value of its messages in a perfect, yet versatile way that is suitable for many communication channels.

Source by James A Bergstrom

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