For the Education Committee, English is the "language of international communication", so the growing generation of French must be written and oral in French. This suggests that the form of educational systems in the various countries has been drastically revised and betting has been placed on a thorough study of English. Representatives of the French government and the French educational sector are also disappointing with this decision: France is the highest among the European countries with the level of English proficiency, and the prospects are disappointed in this respect, the French have come to the conclusion that even the Spaniards who previously considered the most disadvantaged European nation in terms of English proficiency and English proficiency, took over the French people in the context of the complete "anglicization".

English is governed by the need to meet global standards, guiding the global trend towards generally accepted civilization norms. The globalization of the world community in all areas of development requires the active use of English in all areas of cooperation between countries. The active exchange of students, the migration flows of migrant workers indicates that a unified and comfortable communication between all nations, diplomats and religions is needed. The English language has firmly moved into the educational, scientific and cultural development of all mankind.

For a while most of the world's community was convinced that the past French-English war ended half a century ago in the Second World War when the United States gained significant political influence in the world and English in Western and later has become a tool for business and diplomatic communication worldwide. English has already made French and other languages ​​"international" more than a century ago – since the enlargement of the UK, the extension of the United States and the United Kingdom has only strengthened the expansion of the English language. The struggle of the world's language leadership has resulted in the form of English communication throughout the world. Even France's massive efforts have failed to secure its success in colonial areas. Contrary to the Americans and Britons who did not force the spread of English throughout the world while using their conquest in new areas, the French once invested billions of propaganda and spreading their language in African-speaking African countries and the Atlantic coast. The French government has also applied and applied criminal measures against state-funded institutions that deal with French or French terms for Americans or English. But this approach did not yield the desired result. As the English language was more effectively and optimally perceived by the local population than the French language. Clearly, France's negative response to the rapid acceleration of the popularity of English is understandable, as the United States would hardly have liked to learn French or Chinese to be understood abroad. However, the total negation of the linguistic trends in the world was threatened by the fact that only the problems of the French-speaking neighbors – Germany, the Netherlands and Spain – become problems in the field of language teaching. This could seriously damage France's competitiveness in international business.

Analyzing and evaluating the situation, the French Government and its educational institutions, leading in the field of education, supported the possibility of teaching English in the schools, provided that it is not the only foreign language they learn in this academic year. Such an approach is shared by other countries that are closely involved in the world economy. In the absence of English development programs in the country, this will in the future have an impact on the country's economic potential and integration into the global community. Currently, most popular courses in English are courses in English. Such courses. In the world, millions of people are studying at such courses, which is a powerful foundation for further developing the language of the world. Now, all modern technology is described in English, which provides rapid promotion worldwide, and this trend is growing. Many people look at movies, read books, communicate in English. All this allows for faster integration into English communication. Working abroad for good work is only possible with the knowledge of English, so many immigrants are trying to take part in the English language course, and children are referred to vocational schools in English.

Current knowledge of English is a competitive advantage in today's world , enabling them to quickly find out the world's toughest rhythm. Because of their English proficiency, many countries have changed their cultural lives and lifestyles over time, where English has influenced the most important aspect of the population's life-activity. Doctors, teachers, engineers coming to third countries, all of whom knew the English language, which encouraged local people to study. Thus immigrant specialists introduced English into local culture, which attributed fundamental importance to local customs and culture. Books and educational materials have been heavily imported, so studying English is more accessible to the public. This period can be called a missionary in English.

At the same time, the Catholic Church contributed significantly to the dissemination of English. At one time, the Church, spoken only in Latin, with English and missionaries who were in the world of their faith, also carried the new language of communication, which was very important to Catholicism. Turning all the nations into a Catholic faith, the Church transformed them into English-speaking environments, enabling the English to be translated at high speed and giving results. The missionaries brought their culture and actively promoted their teachings in English, doctors, teachers, priests and engineers, and enabled the other nations to conquer their culture and knowledge. English is a symbol of the civilization process of all nations. English has entered into the world of business, technology, innovation and religion, so it means too much to English-speaking people as they have brought their culture and ideology. The concept and strategy of the development of English has not changed over time, but only in line with current circumstances, but the goals and objectives remain the same – this is a complete expansion and the original languages ​​are English that allows the entire dominion of English speaking countries in the world.

English is evolving rapidly and this process will not stop, as many countries and regions have taken part in this global change process. The continual entry of English into our world is changing and changing the quality of English communication and innovation.

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