It's not annoying if you say something to someone, or send an email to them, do not understand or do not remember it?

It was an obstacle to communication and communication was unsuccessful. You told them but they did not receive the message or did not process it, and did not do it in the way they wanted it.

When we talk or write, communicate, message, what we are saying or want to say is not what they have heard or understood. When you hear someone talking or reading what they are writing, you do not have to hear or read exactly what they mean.

The reason they all have filters in place – It's like a filter that separates the water from a spaghetti pasta or water filter that filters out all the particles we do not want to drink. Our filters interpret the received messages. This is true for the people we communicate with.

All communications are filtered through past experience, frustration, and perceiving communicating people. In addition, what's going on around you and the person you're talking to have the effect of receiving the message and receiving the message.

These filters hinder communication. Some filters or hindrances that may affect the reception and processing of messages:

  • family
  • culture
  • verbal and nonverbal signs like voice and body language "patience
  • For example, it's obvious that if you try a vow on a rock concert, noise will be an obstacle. Well, the same feeling is true if the other person has many years in the world at that time, or if you are tired or injured or from a completely different culture than you are.

    and we say that they also make a difference in our communications. The way words are communicated are very different. Take the following expression: "I hate it." In anger he said he was offensive and inadequate. But with fun and smile, entertaining and entertaining. So voice and body language give voice to the word.

    You lose the tone of body language and voice in the email, so the other person has to complete your filters and experience telling you to try to understand what you mean. E-mail leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation

    What I'm writing in this article is your own filters – past experiences, frustrations and perceptions. And how do you interpret what you just read, just go to your own filters. The same thing happens with every detail of communication.

    While communicating with the barriers of communication and filters, it is less willing to communicate with communication. By taking into account the limitations that may arise and set the message to you, you will become an effective communication path around you.

    Source by Shannon K Stoltz

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