What good is a great sequel, a one-star cover letter or your Job Interview's Secret Career Document if you can not cut it when it comes to the real test – a job interview? This is when you really need to be in the game where the most important decision is to decide if you can rent or not and where it is better to bring a bag of stunning tricks. But first, be sure to run all the basics, because it's real if you spoil the next thing, even before you have a real chance to shine and show what you can do to the company. 9 Most Important Job Interview Tips:

1. Call the date before the interview and confirm the date. Yes, correctly call them, professional, and show that you are your responsibility. Be firm in your affirmation, do not ask yourself something "is the interview still up and what time was this again?" The night before you know where you are going, get MapQuest directions, and make a map of the city you're going to be.

2nd Plan for the unknown, for example, losing traffic jams, traffic accidents. Get up early, sit right there, try to be productive as late arrival and have no chance of getting an interview. An interview is always a strike and who you are.

3rd Everyone should handle the way like gold, including the receptionist. Wear warm, professional and enthusiastic. You never know who will get you the way the way for the interview, the CEO will take off the elevator with you or the interviewee will come back from lunch, I never know. Take every opportunity to glow!

4th If you meet with the questioner, you will have a firm handshake (no death tails) and offer polite and enthusiastic greetings and a smile.

5th Your body language means everything! Do not smell, yawn (it may be nervous, but you are interested), folds your arms defensively, or give out any sign that can immediately turn off the questioner

. Show your willingness to participate, take notes during the interview and actively participate in the conversation, nod and smile. Always have direct eye contact with the interviewer!

7th Do not move your mind, then ask the questioner. Keep the job, which is due to your undivided attention. Even a little "drift" about the way you think about doing this in the interview, or you think the interviewee likes you, is enough to track the way you think that prompts you to say "ask the question again. "

8th Answer me with confidence, take the time to think before you talk. A little break is delicious and is more beneficial to the annoyances you may have, because you're not sure what to say. Even using terms such as "this is a big question" is your brain's time to think where you are going. And much better than Ummmmm!

ninth Be proactive and if the interview seems to work well, ask the office, do not forget to introduce yourself to the meetings. You will never know how good you will be and will improve the chances of your job.

Bonus Tip: Finally, submit the Best Job Interview Weapon – the 30/60/90 daily action plan – your secret career document! This will be the querient who is practically consuming you and will be impressive. We can get more job opportunities with this paper than with anything else!

Source by Lynn Chase

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