A serial contractor is a person who initiates multiple upward moving businesses and moves to the next when a new steering group takes over or when the business becomes lifestyle. As serial entrepreneurs have many businesses with experience, they usually have more risk than those who have just started a business. As a result, their experience has better achieved them to respond to the problems and to avoid time lags. Many have learned from the mistakes of the past. A serial producer usually always works for himself and works with others

A multipreneur is a person who is engaged in multiple or upward moving and / or lifestyle business activities in series or in parallel. These activities may be within a business, such as new products and / or service extensions, new products and / or services, new markets or new business units; as new or unrelated businesses; or a varied career. A multiprofessor can move his / her self-employment activities to others as self-employed.

Individual entrepreneur is a focused multipreneur. The term "individual entrepreneur" is derived from the term "individual enterprise", which is derived from the term "individual enterprise". The concept of an individual as an enterprise is based on the practice of any income source that is actively treated as a portfolio through the tax return of an individual. Thus, self-employment is a "top-down" thinking that begins with a summary of employment, entrepreneurship / entrepreneurship and investment activities, initiated by several initiatives. Each multiprofessional activity can be triggered by events or options.

Multiprofessors (and thus private entrepreneurs) include solopreneuros (single employees), web presenters (who are primarily working on the internet) and can be used in parallel with or among others by their entrepreneurial aspirations

Since a couple has a common personal tax return the individual entrepreneurial concept covers both husband and wife (and, where appropriate, their relatives). This concept is in line with the concept of families engaged in agricultural income-generating activities such as agriculture, glass manufacturing, metalworking (forging), handicrafts (weaving), masonry (masonry) and woodworking (carpenter work)

"thinking and behavior helps to make a person better, not just entrepreneur / business owner, but also employer, especially in leadership. This is because they understand the concept of income generation and costs, wealth, responsibility and capital management. Legal, financial, human resources, information technology, business development and operations need to be more widely recognized. In the corporate world, visions for intrapreneural skills are also important for making and responding to change.

Many workplaces have a lifecycle from added value to commodity work over time. As jobs become more and more commodities, outsourcing service providers who carry out lower-cost tasks often outsource. Thus, in order to preserve the economy as a whole, new accumulation of capital should be ensured in new ventures, creating new jobs, as old jobs have fled. Both serial entrepreneurs and multiprofessors who see and engage in a variety of innovation opportunities will help keep the economy healthy. Generally, every workman created by an entrepreneur creates many infrastructure and support jobs, or in the same business or the like.

Those looking for jobs where such a lifecycle exist will have to recognize that job search is a marketing campaign as one business adopts. Therefore, workmanship should be treated if satisfactory results are achieved. Thanks to corporate thinking, a private entrepreneur is likely to achieve a satisfactory result in job searching because he is aware of the need to add value and promote it in the market. Individual entrepreneurs appreciate the benefits of business relationships and networking, as well as the value of referrals.

Self-employment is a discipline to create a personality based on a sustainable, independent career. Sustainable tools mean that we are able to continue over time or by developing, increasing or maintaining the current state, or by changing it. Self-sufficient self-confidence means you can exercise your self-esteem in confidence to be able to pursue your career aspirations both in personal and professional life.

A multiprofessor, an individual willing and able to consider new and emerging opportunities for existing ones mature and shrink. As a sole trader, the opportunities that make the livelihood the most appropriate are time consuming.

Entrepreneurship includes entrepreneurial discipline of entrepreneurship, management and management as an entrepreneur / business owner or an investor. In the corporate world, leadership and leadership skills, and in particular the ability to communicate effectively, are essential for progression.

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