Honesty is the ethical principle that technical writers must adhere to and promote. The technical writer is responsible for providing reliable and accurate information. The writer should not leave relevant information that would change the perception of the audience about the information received. In technical writing it is important not to emphasize or emphasize the facts to convince the reader or the audience. An example of this is the lack of losses in earnings tables. Missing the years when the company did not gain profits, they were able to overcome the investments they would not have done if the facts were all under review. Honesty in technical writing is important for other ethical principles such as legal and professional ethics. The technical writer is obliged to research the laws at national and international level and to comply with these laws. Furthermore, a technical writer should be aware of moral ethics, whether legal or not, and properly informing the information.

Confidentiality is an ethical principle that plays the leading role in technical communication. Spreading trade secrets, formulas, and confidential information is company-to-business and unethical, as long as the company operates within ethical and ethical limits and can present legal issues.

Basic understanding of ethical principles helps employees make dilemmas work and make the right choices. Wherever the initiative comes from you or higher instances, dishonesty is always a lie. When you have been induced by a worker to hide negative information or to mislead information or communicate in a way that the product sounds better than this, it leads to unethical behavior.

A technical communicator is required to help manage your organization by providing customers with fair, safe, and effective products or services. Fairness means avoiding conflicts of interest that fit into their own goals that are contrary to companies. There is a need to treat people equally, regardless of their gender. religion, ethnic origin, race, physical or mental ability

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