Communication plays a very important role in an organization. In fact, communication is the cause of human existence. There are various forms of communication through which the intentions of humans and animals, and even plants, can be passed on to each other. Without communication life will be very difficult and will actually be chaos.

Feedback makes communication comprehensible. This is the end result of an idea and continues communication. In the process of communication, the initiator takes the idea for the first time, then thinks about how to get through the right channel or medium. After decoding and distributing, the decoder is expected to respond after the information or idea is received. This response is a so-called response that can be verbal or non-verbal, that is, word or mere smile, glance, applause, etc.

While feedback may be instantaneous, as in a verbal conversation between two people, either through a telephone conversation or online instant messaging, you may be delaying a response before giving a response to allow the host to think and take time to consider what he gave. While the former is common for informal communication, the latter is formally communicated by means of letters, reminders, etc. It's in its shape. Feedback can be made in writing, verbally, or even both. For example, it may be in the form of a demonstration, exercise, paralanguage, gesture, posture, etc.

At one time or after, people find frustrated because another person refused to respond to their message or letters. Some are so crazy that such delays can result in disciplinary action or humiliation, especially in formal environments. For lovers it means life itself. Communicating the individual's intentions may deny the whole relationship of the thing. All this explains the importance of feedback in communication.

In the following, some importance of communicating feedback is either in a formal or informal environment:

1. It completes the entire process of communication and continues.

2. Supports the communication process

3. Know whether it is really communication or meaningful

4. This is the basis for measuring the effectiveness of communication

5. Provides a good basis to plan what the next step, especially the statistical report

6. Communication will be useless without feedback

7. Feedback opens the way for new idea generation

These points are limited in number. The groundwork here is that feedback is a habit of communication, as communication is a habit of human existence and interaction. Therefore, feedback should be carefully considered before it becomes meaningful.

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