Exceptional business literacy is very important in any business. Customers often base the company's credibility on the quality of business communication. These people are inclined to find a negative image of businesses that disseminate written materials to businesses that use erroneous sentences and faulty phrases and bad names.

These can be avoided when writing simple business documents. Here's what to do:

1. Use the K.I.S.S. technique. It simply means it's short and simple. Make your readers feel comfortable and easily understand and easily review your business writing. Write short sentences and use the simplest terms whenever possible. Keep in mind that great, entertaining words do not indicate intelligence and confuse your readers

. Get straight to the point and be special. Avoid obscure generalizations as far as possible. It is not wise for your readers to figure out the real meaning of your message, as it certainly takes away valuable time. Just enter what it means and what it means to "write".

3rd Use the active sound. Do not even think that you are using passive voice in business communication because it will be able to get messages for a long time and be weaker. Active voice can force your readers to work and easily grasp their attention

. Use a parallel structure. Business communication is much easier to read when it compiles related ideas in the same shape and tension. If you use the last sentence of the first sentence, make sure you use the whole document throughout the document to avoid confusion.

Source by Sean Mize

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