In relationships, we constantly balance the needs of individual individuals with the needs of the relationship. This is a quest for independence while at the same time creating a relationship that makes relationships a challenge. In addition, every human being has a rich history of life experience with expectations about how life is working.

Here you can see how important communication is to make a couple of connections. We have many different relationships throughout our lives. The relationships with which we grew up were particularly important. We learned about the adults of our lives, like mothers and fathers, wives and husbands. We also learned what sort of feelings we could openly admit, and which we had to keep to ourselves.

I have found that most people, as adults, have to re-examine their conclusions. For example, a person who has learned to avoid conflicts avoids talking when he really does not agree. The result is that the partner does not know the true feelings of a conflicting spouse. Consequently, as a couple, they can not talk about disagreement and find solutions that truly reflect the feelings and thoughts of individual people.

I want to see people recall patterns of communication that are capable of making contact credibly. The freedom that comes from honestly speaking and listening to what he really is hearing is the one that creates intimacy. Fortunately, as adults, we can learn effective communication modes that enhance our relationships. Intimacy grows when everyone is responsible for it and they both feel that their lives are being cultivated together.

Source by Kristina Von Rosenvinge

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