Astrology is undoubtedly a Vedic science that allows a person to get a clear picture of his life if the analysis and calculations are properly taken into account. The exact employment probabilities are calculated by an effective astrologer by careful observation of the horoscope

Factors in Computer Science

· Rising: Native General Physical and Intellectual Skills

· Second House: Higher Education, Communication and Speaking

· House # 3: Telecoms and Transmission

· House 5: Intelligence and Competition

· House 7: Business and Service Sector

· House 10: (19659004) · House 11: 19659004] · Saturn: means a machine

· Jupiter: calculus, accounting, statistics and mathematical calculator [highlytrainedlearnedandambitious

Different Combinations for Computer Profession

· Jupiter in trina / quadrant, Venus is powerful and Mercury is the 2nd, indigenous will certainly be the computer profession

· Jupiter in trina / quadrant, whether Venus or mercury is magnanimous, choose a native computer line as a profession [19659004] · Mars is ranked second and on the benevolent planets, or Mars and the moon combined 2, the native job gets in the computer field. 3. / 4. / 6. / 10. houses

· Mercury and Venus are connected in a healthy way

Bill Gates Horoscope [28/10/1955]

Ascendant –Gemini; Jupiter – 3rd house; Mars and Mercury – 4; V., Venus and Saturn – 5; Rahu – 6; Hold – 10; Ketu – 12.

· The reign of ascending mercury is exalted and the attitude is 10,

· Jupiter as Prince 7 in aspect 7

· Ruler 9's ruler [fate] and the Sun [the lord of 3rd, indicates communication and transmission].

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