When you dating, communicating with your loved ones was so easy. What happened now that you're married? You find that you do not feel too close. Damaged feelings are on the road. Maybe the other one does not seem to care. This is probably due to the following seven communication barriers.


After marriage, couples are committed to their work, they get a nice home, kids come, and we do not have enough time to spend each other together. Communication is about catching things up, but not about supporting one another and dreaming of plans together. The lack of time is a definite communication barrier


When communication seems superficial because the topics are not too emotionally affected, such as weather, day, past, present or future experiences, and nothing personal about surface stuff. Level 2 or Level 3 responds to the deep feeling of communicating the neighborhood. Level 1 represents 80-90% of the time. Level 2 increases your risk as it is about personal things like your ideas, opinions, emotions and thoughts, and on average 10-20% of conversations. Level 3, which is most useful, is only 1-2% of communication. Level 3 is validation. It is always positive – with love, appreciation, respect and gratitude. This is the level that feels really close and loving emotions. To overcome the communication barriers of the depth, spend more time to open and acknowledge your wife.


Most of the communications are nonverbal (60%), which means that people assume these nonverbal signals. Obstacles to the adoption of the report may lead to many misunderstandings and pain. Simple things like closing a door, either a smile on arrival or a clean house or a cruel word that is not directed at anyone can mean a lot of things. Based on the story of the couple and the story of the older history of older partners and families, the spouse will interpret meaningless meaning. Then their action to follow could lead to a situation that was not necessary if they made the correct assumption.


Communication is filtered through our faith. Obstacles to communication are difficult to predict based on these earlier beliefs. Some are based on gender. If we believe that husbands only play louder, we can find that her husband is louder than usual, we do not recognize that there is something wrong, but they choose to be just angry, but normal. Men can ignore the wives of their wives because they believe women are crying over everything, instead of answering something bad. These prejudices may be on religion, the economic situation, culture, education and past history. If we had an earlier friend who always behaved in a certain way when he felt something, we could assume that he was a husband. If we make a bad interpretation, we will not meet the needs of our spouse.


Personal souls are also able to access communication barriers. One spouse can speak fast and want a lot of details while the other spouse is slower and covers only the basics. There is more to talk about future plans, while the other remembers the past. We can craving loudly while the other takes care of the conversation. Awareness of these differences would serve to solve the abilities.


Communication barriers include gender differences between men and women. Men and women talk differently. Men prefer to do something when they talk. Men are usually more direct and sharp. Women tell a part of the story and expect men to ask questions or understand. Women are more searching for the report by reading them. They also appear more.

Lack of Understanding

It's easy to overcome communication barriers to misunderstanding, because many times the student does not know that they misunderstand the message. The sender feels painful, frustrated, and feels like a student does not care about them, so they become far more distant and do not talk. If that continues, couples often find someone who understands them and leaves marriage to find love and proximity. This is not necessarily necessary! Communication skills can be learned and everyone has to do this.

Source by Diana French

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