GEICO is the 3rd largest insurance company in the US, so they can afford to be picky on board. Team players and powerful communicators are needed. If this describes you and you want a new career at GEIGO, who is the ideal candidate and what you need to do to succeed? Join me as I look at GEICO's career – how can I pass the GEICO employment test?

GEICO is a "people's people" organization and does not believe that it is doing business with its customers – they believe in interaction. Customer service is the key, and teamwork is the key to successful interaction. While they expect a lot from their staff, GEICO offers success-enhancing tools such as industry-led training, in-house lessons, and online training through their own GEICO University.

But first you have to go to the GEICO Employment Test! So what is it and what do you have to do?

The GEICO employment test should really be considered as a pre-work test. In order to be able to evaluate the skills, talents, and knowledge available, each test is tailored to the specific job.

It is based on realistic situations when staff meet on the market and is aiming for weed growth who is likely to leave the business. The test consists of 3 parts:

1) Read and understand. Based on real life situations, I'm prompted to read a short story and answer a number of questions. It seems to be a little overuse as they expect from postgraduate and previous experience to be able to apply for their work, but it is compulsory.

2) Typing and computer skills. This is a multiple choice, baseline test to find out the level at which you are currently working on typing and computer program knowledge. Since communication is a key element of success, a grammatical test may have come in handy.

3) Role Playing. If you do not like the idea in role play and thinking – turn away now. Customers placed when setting up clients / associates can ask for GEICO representatives who want to ask for advice and assistance with a client or buyer. The goal is to evaluate your sales skills and see how you work under pressure, so stay cool and relaxed and remember to work politely with your colleague.

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