The most difficult ones include offshore drilling. Twelve-hour shifts in all weather conditions are not necessarily for everyone on weekends. However, for those who are willing to keep up, work like a drill is one of the highest paid around and there is no lack of perks. It is also possible to start the journey to become a drilling machine with no relevant work experience.

Where to Start

The entry level for offshore drilling jobs is a roustabout. Most people who work in an oil booth, up to the highest workplace, started roustabout as their career. This includes heavy manual work and basic maintenance on board, such as deck and tractor painting from one place to another. However, even this entry level position is high, with over $ 50,000 in cash.

There is no experience or formal qualification to roustabout, so this is the first step in offshore drilling work that is perfect for everyone in their careers or looking for direction. All you have to do is to be over 18 years of age, at least 5 inches tall and willing to work hard for a long time under all weather conditions as most companies want to recruit more from their rows, so good attitudes and skills can rise high

Career Track

After you have mastered your work as roustabout, you can expect to move the coarse neck location, and your work is more involved in the drilling process and may include drilling and inserting and subtracting the drill.This level can be less achieved, more than a year after roustabout

Once you've proved it, the auxiliary tape or pump will be on the ladder that gets more and more responsibility and thus gets higher pay as he is responsible for the pump house and the maintenance of the drip heater. offshore f After a while, as a derrickman, who demonstrate the appropriate level of commitment, skill and reliability will be assistant drill. An auxiliary drill directly monitors the coarse grain, the pump and the ball valve, and has many responsibilities within the drilling operation

within 5 to 10 years from when it starts from rooftop rocks, from top to bottom and an offshore drilling. Former positions could perhaps be regarded as a trainee training as a trainee drill.

The drill only corresponds to the rig leader and is responsible for the entire drilling operation. Directly drill the drill and drill the other members of the drill with the auxiliary drive. Offshore drilling jobs start at around US $ 80,000.

What are the Terms?

Working on an on-board booth can be highly demanding physically and often dirty work. There is a medium source of danger as we always do when dealing with heavy machinery. Changes and working methods are long and tiring – most drilling staff are working on a rotating system. This means you can spend 2 to 4 weeks with a 12-hour shift, without a day, and then after an equal period of time. Although this is certainly not for everyone, this means that you can earn significant salaries and only works effectively in half of the year.

Where can I apply for offshore drilling jobs?

Start your career as a drill by submitting a resume or resuming the relevant organizational units of major oil companies and smaller subcontractors through whom they employ most of their labor market. You can also find a variety of roustabout and roughneck jobs advertised on the internet but the best place to get started by signing up for a recruitment agency is specialized in offshore drilling jobs in the oil and gas industry. They know exactly how saws are looking for drilling machines and guides the process.

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