I taught Zi Wei Dou Shu ("ZWDS") astrology to a person at the beginning of the N.S. on the weekend. As we analyzed a table belonging to an identified celebrity, N.S asked if the chart was a prostitute. I can see his logic because he figured out that this lady's chart was the star of Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf), the star of Hua Ji (Transformed Avoidance). In the Zi Wei Dou Shu astrology, constellations are critical to understanding each of our stars, and the picture is Tan Lang's courtesan or geisha. Hua Ji shows unstable or unstable properties. Most Zi Wei Dou Shu authors or professors classify Hua Ji as a negative star or negative amplifier, though I will beg in the description that Hua Ji star is about negativity.

So, it's no surprise that most people thought it the negative negative spell is likely to be a prostitute. It is true that Geishas or Courtesans are entertaining entertainers and ladies in entertainment industries when we think that labor demand becomes extreme, we may think they are selling their bodies as well. However, Hua Ji is not a negative star or a negative amplifier, as I often repeat. The way in which the Hua Ji enhancer is read is that this person becomes extremely attractive or outstanding entertainment.

The fun we're talking about is actually about a famous but dead Hong Kong entertainment industry.

As we can see, Hua Ji does not have a distinctly negative effect on her, at least not in her career. Hua Ji is prominent, and in this case, he is a "very popular" person in the entertainment industry (singing and acting). So while prostitution and performing arts are all the same career-categorization of entertainment, you need to be careful not to color the artist's birth chart with sleaze. Although people with the stars of Tan Lang can perform well in performing arts or in the prostitution industry, there is a difference between industry professions.

Source by Ken Toh J

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