This article introduces you to the definition, advantages and disadvantages of information communication technology (ICT). It is important to thoroughly read the basics of information technology (ICT).

ICT Tools

The definition of information communication technology (ICT) or information technology (IT) means shortcomings in the use of computers and telecommunication technologies and devices for the production, manipulation, storage, transmission and security of information the tools or modules that are used to locate, explore, and exchange information. These include the following: –

• Computers – Desktops, laptops, handhelds, PDAs, mainframes

• Phones

• Mobile Phones (GSM)

• Fax machines

• Television sets

• Satellite

• Internet

Advantages of ICT

The benefits of information communication technology (ICT) are as follows:

1. Provides timely, better, and cheaper access to knowledge and information.

2. It speeds up business transactions, production, and management processes.

3. ICT worldwide has allowed people to access the Internet in a new, exciting way.

4. With the help of ICT tools, business relationships and transactions are closer to each other.

5. This is a very reliable, flexible, fast and accurate tool for disseminating information in modern times.

6. Offers employment opportunities and opens up new career opportunities for people around the world.

Despite the many advantages, ICT has few limitations, some of which are: –

1. This is one of the best media for issuing instruction in schools

ICT disadvantages. Loss of jobs: Recording office applications can reduce the amount of work that is done by automating manual jobs and tasks.

2. Costly: ICT components and tools can be costly and cost-effective to the public.

3. Loss of social bond: Implementing ICT at every stage of life limits personal human relationships and physical connections as the foundation for more work and interaction on the Internet.

4. Crime: ICT can lead to increased criminal ratings. People are being deceived online. Computer offenses such as identity theft, credit card fraud, system hacking and piracy are growing. The Internet floods computer criminals like hackers, pervert, and stalkers.

5. Abuse: This is the disadvantage of ICT. Some examples include pornography (especially child pornography), plagiarism, computer war, e-mail spam, etc.

6. Addiction: Using ICT is addictive. Blurred users can download online lessons. This behavior can lead to stress and other health problems

Many parents believe that the most common side effects of ICT may be the aggressive or inappropriate content of their children, endangering their physical condition (visual disturbance, stiffness, spinal cord injuries) obesity and loss of contact with the real world of addiction. In addition, all the positive impacts emphasize the acquisition of new knowledge and skills with which the child can benefit from future IT employment. Parents who feel that use of ICT is more harmful than their children benefit; argue that in their opinion the four year old child is too young to be exposed to information and communication technologies

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