Communication is always one of the most important and important strategic areas of the organization's success. You can have the best or most innovative products or services, but if internal and external communication is weak, demand for products or services is a matter of personal concern. When you communicate the value of a product or service, you want to focus on how you will prioritize your customers.

When planning your Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC strategy, you will want to engage in interaction with your customers by co-ordinating your efforts to deliver content, timing and delivery of products and services. Thanks to the management, clarity, consistency, timing and appearance of messages, they are forwarded to the targeted audience, these factors help to avoid the benefits of the brand by linking immediate product recognition

. marketing mix, pricing, distribution, promotion, and promotion with customer service. Integrated marketing communications are part of the marketing package included in the marketing plan. IMC strategies define the target audience, set goals and budgets, analyze social, competitive, cultural or technological issues, and conduct research into the effectiveness of promotional strategies

. If companies ethically plan, communicate, and follow industry guidelines, they are likely to gain the confidence of their customers and target audiences. Integrated marketing communication has five basic tools:

1. Advertiser:

With this tool, you can effectively communicate your messages to a large audience through radio, TV, magazines, newspapers (ROPs), the Internet, bulletin boards, and other mobile technology communication devices. This method reaches out to consumers, but costs are somewhat expensive.

2nd Sales Promotion:

This tool is used with coupons, contests, samples, bonuses, presentations, presentations, or incentives. It is used to accelerate short term sales by brand awareness and encouraging repetitive purchases.

3rd Public Relations:

This integrated marketing communications tool launches through public appearances, news / press releases, or event sponsorship to create trust and goodwill by presenting the product, company, or person in the positive light. Direct marketing:

This tool uses email, email, and catalogs to encourage direct reaction of radio and television to reach a targeted audience through increased sales and testing of new products and alternative marketing tactics. Personal selling:

Creating sales meetings and meetings, home parties, presentations, and reaching any type of individual communication to help reach customers and strengthen their relationship with customers

Decisions and strategies that link overall goals to marketing planning phases will help to evaluate and refine the specific activities of integrated marketing communications. Before choosing IMC, marketing, products, and brand managers must look at social, competitive, legal, regulatory, ethical, cultural and technological considerations. One thing you want to avoid when activating the tools of integrated marketing communication is causing inappropriate audiences and contradictions. This may be damaging if you try to build a brand and encourage consumer spending at your company. When marketing managers examine their audiences' conviction, emotion, and behavior toward their brand, they can influence their faiths to gain product recognition by raising awareness of advertising campaigns.

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