Effective communication is what we aim for in every human interaction. We want easy discussions, giving clear instructions, giving praise and feedback, which inspires us and enjoys happy communication. Many times, while struggling with the opposite, they complain of ineffective communication and suffer their consequences.

Communication is a two-way street between stakeholders. Another conversation is happening to you in your thoughts about which you meet. In the following article, we would like to examine the importance of effective communication in both areas.

Communicating with Others

We are communicating with others throughout the day. The necessity of everyday life if you do not live in a honey life meditating in the mountains. Exchange is a basic human need, without people suffering, for example, in detention centers where a lonely peaceful violent punishment.

Effective communication with others is life-like.

– Supports Finding Solutions

– Includes Peaceful Relationships

– Allows Projects to Run

– Encourages Shareholding

19659002] – Removes Misunderstandings

– Spares Negative Tests

– Removes Wars and Violence

– Reduces Pain and Negligence

Even though we are not anyone else, we are still communicating through our thoughts. We continually appreciate, criticize, criticize, find solutions, remind us of things, etc. This part of communication is mainly responsible for how we feel, our lives, the people around us, and our environment.

– Effective communication within yourself is important because:

– Enables you to enjoy yourself

– Helps you put things into perspective

– Allows you to concentrate on positive aspects that they are negative

– It helps to get a clear picture of what is happening.

– He makes a kind man he wants to find around people.

– Avoids excessively negative, critical or judgmental thinking

. ] – Reduces stress and anxiety

– Feels better in your self

– Increases self-awareness, self-esteem and self-esteem

– Enables you to act appropriately

Communication with you was also a "commotion". If you were just thinking "I'm not talking to you," you just got to know the inner conversation. Ask yourself what is your current speech quality? If your friend is talking to you as your adultery speaks to you, would you continue your friendship?

Keep in mind that such issues improve your self-consciousness and thus your ability to change.

Source by Nathalie Himmelrich

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