Hopefully you've been in the "no relationship" phase for trying to retrieve your ex girlfriend and try to find out what to do next.

Do not know the "no connection" rule? In summary, this is when he terminates the relationship with his ex girlfriend after the break-up. You do this by giving yourself and the ex some time to offset the difficulty of break-up. It should be time for you to strive for self-esteem and self-confidence so that when you finally get in touch with your ex girlfriend (if you do not contact you first) you are a new person. The proposed "unavailable" time should be about a month

So if you think you're ready to re-contact your ex-girlfriend without having a mental crash time to start step 2 … The first phone call! In order not to fix it, here are some quick instructions to follow:

1. Pick a moment to initiate a call when you think the ex should talk quietly for a few minutes.

When you pick up (and the whole phone call in the case) you always have a gentle, casual attitude.

3rd Be sure to keep the conversation for a short time (up to 10 minutes).

With these three things, it's time to get in touch. When you pick it up, start the conversation by talking about surface-level things, just like you do it and what's new since you last talked. Keep things occasionally, and do not let them leak into deep conversations from the past and whether to date or not. Remember, the purpose of this phone call is to contact you and remove them occasionally.

If everything seems to work well, we very much suggest that two people should have a coffee or lunch. DO NOT ask him to go to the cinema, to dine, or anything that suggests you tried to do things seriously between you two.

If things keep it easy, it's probably YES but you always have the chance to get NO. If this happens, DO NOT react negatively, begging or whining. He simply says, "No problem at other times," and proceed. This leaves a good impression on it, so the next time I try to ask her on an occasional date.

Even if the date script does not go according to plans and rejects the bid, it's just the fact that it even had a normal conversation with it, without the need to encourage negative voices. Remember, the goal was to get in touch and succeed!

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