What is really important in the communication chain is whether the sender and the receiver are in sync and at the same wavelength. If that is the case, then there will never be communication decay.

You may have been something when you tell something to someone and you nodded. He felt that the person understood exactly what he wanted. But unfortunately the end product is not what I thought. So to be a good communicator! In order for the communication to flow smoothly and smoothly, as the starting point for the communication chain, the sender must take responsibility for being a capable and efficient communicator.

The sender must not only prepare the message, but also consider how the recipient will receive and how the message will be interpreted. The entire communication chain initiated by the sender does not end until the customer has understood perfectly what he is trying to convey and provided a sufficient feedback to the sender with action or communication.

The purpose of the communication is to understand both parties concerned and what results are needed. The communication model requires two-way communication between the sender and the receiver. The same applies to sharing responsibilities. The responsibility relies on both of them to try to prove it first.

The sender must be very precise and accurate on their own. The sender is obliged to convey the relevant information in a coherent manner.

The receiver must be an active student and be able to accurately understand what the sender is trying to convey. If you have any question, ask for clarification before doing what the sender requires. Moreover, the buyer should never try and assume things. In any case, the sender from whom the communication has begun is always the most appropriate. This will save a lot of pain and trouble later on.

We introduced filters into human beings that we use only to know what we want to hear. That's why we hear what we want to hear and not what the other person wants to hear. As a sender, you can check that the transmitted message on the opposite page is exactly what you want it to be.

Poor communication can result in many controversies, mistakes and misunderstandings around you. These can be avoided if the intention is clearly and unambiguously, clearly and unambiguously published by the sending party, and there is no room for ambiguity. Therefore, the sender must clearly define what he wants and mean. The host party must clarify the sender's intention when insecure. The host party must have a good auditorium to shrink.

Therefore clear communication techniques are needed for all concerned.

Source by Tobias Moeller

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