If you are thinking of our everyday routine, talking to people is one of the most important elements of the day. Be at home, at work or anywhere else. Interaction with humans is inevitable and therefore one of the most important activities of our lives.

However, they all have different styles with human interaction and communication. Some people seem to like most people and whatever they get rid of while some people always find themselves in the books of bad people. Why is this happening?

The answer lies in the simple magical words of communication! They said and taught these words when we went to school. At that time we used them several times and faced fewer problems with people! However, as we grew and became more important people and occupied, we forgot these words.

The simple magic word – Thank you, please and sorry!

You can see how and why you use these words: [19659002] 1. Thank you

There is no day of our life that we spend without the help of another person. Be it your family, friends or colleagues. Ever since we started the day as we entered our bed for a good night's sleep, we took a lot of support. However, how many times do you thank the other person really. Be free and generous the Thank you! Advertise your gratitude! You will not take your credit, but the other person is happy and willing to help you next time!

2nd Please

Often take the things for ourselves and arrange other people to work with them and not oblige them to commit. This does not help the other person feel that they will be forced to do so. Just a simple and sweet greeting, you can completely change your attitude. Even if he can not do it at that time, they will make the point to help you next time!

3rd Forgiveness

As they said, "The wrong man …" and practice it daily as a human activity. However, it is as simple as mistake we make, it is extremely difficult to accept and apologize for it. And this limit to accepting our mistakes and assuming responsibility, in their relationships causes fractures caused by family members, friends or colleagues. Regret is not really shameful, but on the contrary, it respects them more.

These three simple words can do wonders for people. If you really use these words in your daily communication with people, change in people and your actions will definitely change.

The next time you want to use a spell on a body, try using one of those magic words!

Source by Nidhi Kush Shah

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