One possible theme in the story The Yellow Back Cover is that married couples can always communicate with each other. If there is one thing that you most likely realized, the fact that the two characters did not show signs of communication to solve the problems. The story was set in the 1800's, and at this time doctors did not know about post-depression, which was the story of her.

As the story progressed, it seemed that the two did not worry. Without any communication, the couple could not find out if there were any problems. Consequently, without any communication, socialization or treatment, the woman was completely crazy. Communication in our society today is still the biggest problem faced by many parties. Divorce is almost always the end result. Seeing as a Christian I really just break my heart. I believe that when two people are bound by God through marriage, they must respect and clarify their promise of what they have done. In sum, perhaps the most important problem faced by people, and people are still faced with the lack of communication.

Communication is key to lasting and fruitful relationships. Sometimes even if couples disagree with certain issues or topics, it is still worth communicating in the form of a debate or debate. Although the sound is somewhat subtle, it is still a form of communication that gives a better understanding. Finally, one argument still does not collide between couples any day of the day.

Source by Fred Landry

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