After the intrusion has occurred, people react in four ways; withdrawal, insulation, lawn protection and language collusion. Dropout is the one who moves away from the intruder. The insulation is the construction of the crossing boundaries. Turf protection when the owner rejects the attacker. Language collusion is the attacker's verbal attack, which experiences undesirable and unreasonable emotions. People react differently depending on the intruder. According to the text these factors influence the territorial protection. 1) Who was the intruder? 2) Why were they attacked? 3) In what area have they been transferred? 4) How did you get through? 5) How long did the intrusion last? 6) Do they do it again? 7) Where did it happen? Most of it is done simultaneously. All of these factors determine the defense and preventive measures that need to be protected.

Personal Spatial Differences Between International Cultures

In the United States, we feel better about communicating more distances than in Latin America. In the United States, people are uncomfortable with men in their hands, but in the Middle East it is normal. We will be shaking hands in the United States, but in Italy; there is a hug and kiss on the face. The French are like the North Americans in the fact that they are very comfortable with the distance. I think the differences are too subtle to explain and that generalization would not be right. This is because there are differences between the state and the state in the United States and the region to the region. The stereotypes need to be actually investigated in order to accurately say that every person is the same from a certain place.

What is the impact of the city's living environment on citizens' personal lives?

High density areas, such as New York, affect the look of space and space. The streets and residential areas in New York are very crowded and give a person a different reality than the Columbia, S.C New Yorker. There are defense mechanisms like those in a small town. Statistics show that high-density areas are hit by more human grief than in low-density areas. We can assume that this is due to the number of people and constant invasion, insults and contamination. This fact leads to more insulation. More cops and security are required in high density areas. People in high density areas seem less friendly. This is a solution that lives in a high density area. In addition, more forest protection and hence more violence in high density areas.

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