Many people want to become entrepreneurs, but only those with the right planetary combinations on their birth chart become a prosperous businessman. We recognize the planetary combinations that transform the individual into eminent and prosperous businessmen.

Planetary Combinations in the Birth Chart

1. In the birth chart, the relationship between the Trine House or the Kendra ura or relationships is to Raj Yoga, which gives the individual good results. Likewise, when Trine's Bridge or Kendra gets in touch with the 11th house or second house, it's great to earn money. Powerful wealth and wealth are a crucial resource for a businessman. Raj Yoga builds good luck, and Dhan Yoga multiplies its earnings

. When Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are interconnected in Kendra, yoga creates money in the birth chart. Also, if Sun is in the eleventh house, then the individual has a great chance of earning money.

3rd To be a prosperous businessman, the presence of Mahapurush Yoga and Rajyoga is compulsory on the birth chart next to Dhan Yoga.

4th Mars is the rising princess of the rising birth chart of Kos, and we must raise it in the tenth house, which is Kuldeepak Yoga and Ruchak Yoga, and Mercury is also located on Marson. Or Jupiter must be the ninth ruler of the second house. Or the Sunn should be my 5th, Moon of the Fourth Lord and Seventh Venus in Eleventh House.

Rahu must be raised in ascendant. In addition, Saturn, like the tenth house or lord of the eleventh house, should be placed in the ninth house. Consequently, these Yogas will influence people to become smart, ambitious, influential, decisive and prosperous businessmen and will continue to develop their business. If the Second Prince and the Fourth Lord in the Ascendant Saturn are Yogakaarak's planets in the Taurus Ascendant's birth chart in the eleventh house, Mars and Venus together in the second house, Jupiter in the tenth house and Rahu in the seventh house, the individual will increase his business and popularity , reputation, money and wealth.

6th In the cancerous birth chart of the Cancer, Jupiter and Venus are located in the Ascendant in the 11th House in the Sun, Mars, which is the tenth ruling Yogakaarak in the third house, the Moon Ascendant Lord is in the second house and Saturn, since the seventh prince is in the ninth house, Mercury must have its own mark and must be in the house of release. Thus, these yogas will give richness, fame, and create individual courage and triumphant businessmen

. If Saturn is his own sign and shares the 10th or eleventh house / aspect, Rahu touches the eleventh house and Ascendant or Ascendant Lord relies on the tenth House / Lord or Ninth Master or affects the Ascending House, and together with Mercury, he creates any relationship with the eleventh ruler or the second lord, and then the individual becomes a winning businessman

. If Mercury is the Ascendant Lord, and in the fourth house exalted with the eleventh ruler and his second master is in the tenth house and two of the ninth lord, third, fifth or tenth princes together in the eleventh house the individual should be very well and winning businessman

9. If the mercury rises, and the second house comes with the Watching Lord on the birth chart, and if the ninth lord is in contact with the third ruler or the tenth ruler in the third house and affects the twelfth or tenth house and Rahu's influence in the eleventh house or second house, then the individual becomes a thriving businessman

Source by Apoorve N Saxena

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