Identifying the nature of a profession or revenue sources is a very difficult task for all astrologers. Choosing a profession between work and business is very important for life's decision. Many astrological factors need to be considered. Scriptural reading can also suggest that you can enjoy a successful job or business venture.

Growing: whatever groundwork, marriage or profession, rising power, and master play a very important role

10. house / sir: 10th house and master of ascending / moonlight / day signs pivots to determine the profession and business. The power, the power of progress and ambitions, usually business matters, rank, social status and profession, name, fame foreign lands, self-esteem of self-respect and self-esteem. house / sir: is a courage and initiative for life-long occupation, risks, and speculation. Sometimes it indicates the indigenous confidence.

5th house / sir: represents a person's knowledge, education, intuition, and intelligence. Alongside a high position, indicate the risks and speculation in professional life

6. house / sir: loans to banks or financial institutions, rising resources and indigenous staff

7. House / Sir: Represents Professional Relations and Business Partnerships, Independent Qualified Professions

9. This is a lucky or lucky house, it also indicates the distribution or marketing of money, the dignity of a person, his travels abroad and government benefits.

eleventh house / sir: this house is profitable and profitable in life

Planetary transition: depends on the nature of the profession as well as the planetary phase of the major horizons / subsections of the horoscope. The native Dasha / Antradasha forces him to change the profession in a drastic and dramatic way. With a strong and favorable Dasha / Antradasha, a weak and poorly planetaic planet can also run into indigenous vocation and career.

Impact of Astrological Factors:

Work / Service:

  • If the gentlemen / signs or planets placed in the 10th house are strong, they indicate the reliability of the service
  • . the number of planets of common or movable signals in the horoscope will be chosen by the native, which requires patience, peace, tolerance and stability, such as government jobs, medical profession, or implementation.
  • If planets of common signals are like planets in signposts that are fixed and moveable in horoscopes, the native will have a different source of income as a teacher who can choose real estate or profession, their own consulting firms, educational centers, and so on. may.
  • 10. Housing is less powerful than the Master / Trader of House 7, the profession of lawyer, physician, and professors
  • If the gentlemen / signals of Houses 10 and 7 are equally strong, then the native individual business will be the wi's own service. Like a self-practicing physician who works with his or her own service or the person is leaving his own business after retiring from work.
  • If the strength of House 10 is strong, but in House 6, 8 or 12, a person works in private institutes or in the private sector
  • Sun / Mars / Saturn and House 10 the strong position of his lord means the doctor's profession.
  • 3, 6 and 10 and Jupiter strongly advocates the profession of lawyer.
  • Moon and Mercury mark the 10th house as a writer or journalist as a profession.
  • Mercury and Jupiter, affecting the 10th house, writer or poet
  • Moon and Jupiter aspect 10th house
  • The 10th place moon and 5th house Jupiter stands for a very high position
  • The 11th House in the 10th House or Their Lives Replacing Signs / Houses Marks Very Good Admi
  • Upward and 10th Vice, or the ups and downs of 10th House are the same planet who has man does an excellent job of his own hard earned money.
  • Jupiter,
  • Sun's position on the 10th floor / Moon or 10 is located in Sun Navamansa, indicating government appreciation, but if the Sun is weak / bad, it indicates that it is not the search tool. [19659014] March 10, or Mars 10 in Navamansa, denotes police, army and wrestling as a profession.
  • Mercury in the House of 10th House or in Mercury Navamans, 10 is a sign of service for banking, writing, teaching, astrological arts and crafts.
  • Mercury is uphill and Jupiter in the 9th house signals government services .
  • The ascendant master of the quadrant and the Sun with favorable aspects of Saturn indicates that the government represents the work of the government, the power of leadership and the powers of high authority.


  • The Lords / Signals of Houses 4 and 7 are weak, but the house / sign of House 7 is very strong for indigenous loud business abilities
  • If the number of planetary moving signals more than the number of planets in the horoscope or in common signals, the best attributes are indicated by a native as a businessman whose initiatives and decision-making skills are intelligent, alarmed, and leadership quality.
  • If any or all of the planets like Mercury, Jupiter and Venus point in the quadrant towards the moon, indicate self-employment [19659014] Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus and the Moon are indepen- dently or self-employed by 2 and 12.
  • Jupiter was placed in the 3rd House, and Venus came to the 11th house from the Moon. Own Business
  • The 2nd and the 11th Exchange House Masters Say Good Business Capabilities
  • Mercury associated with House 10 indicates business skills. The effect on House 10 indicates native laziness
  • All the planets placed that the planets are located in the ascending and the 7th house, denoting traffic, wood, wheeled wheels, etc.
  • If any abusive planet that did not have a beneficial effect, and Jupiter in the Eighth House indicates the excellence of business, meat, poultry and fishing

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