Getting started to become a full cabin crew is an exciting journey, but not without a challenge. It is therefore important to ascertain why, where, and what are the tasks of satisfaction from career, financial opportunities and work experience as cabin crew.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide guidance and evaluation if this work is suitable for you. We often leave this part of the task to the airline recruiter or interviewee. Of course, we all hope that the questioner accepts us regardless of whether we are a good candidate for the job. It is also possible that we will try to build ourselves up to work, as many people say they are justifying why they are fit for their work.

Without a proper evaluation, vision and work in this work is annoying and often frustrating because of lack of understanding of job requirements and this has implications for career development, thinking, financial management / behavior and lifestyle. It also affects long-term career opportunities, transition to ground positions and personal quality of life.

In the following paragraphs, we hope to give you insight into the work of cabin crew as well as some advantages and disadvantages. [19659002] Knowing and Applying for Work

The Role of Staff Personnel

What do you think the role of cabin crew Includes / What do you think is the primary responsibility of the cabin crew?

Cabin crew members are on board the aircraft for security reasons. In the event of a real life threat, cabin crew must ensure that passengers follow the captain's instructions, properly use safety equipment and remain as loyal as possible.

Cabin crew takes a lot of time while flying comfort passengers. This includes special attention to children traveling alone, people with disabilities or patients. Staff should be friendly and sympathetic to anyone who needs help, counseling, reassurance, sympathy, and sometimes persistent persuasion.

During the flight, other tasks include making and delivering food and drinks and helping passengers in the entertainment fun of flying. In addition, paperwork can be carried out, including aviation reports, customs and immigration documents, duty-free sales, meal and beverage orders

At the end of the flight, staff will ensure that passengers leave the aircraft safely.

2nd What kind of individuals are involved in this role?

A person who has the following ideal properties:

a. Dedication to the details

b. selfishness

c. flexibility

d. Cross Cultural Interpretation / Sensitivity

e. Organized

f. rule-oriented

Good listening skills

h. Stable emotion

i. Discipline

j. friend

k. Humble disposition

l. Sincerity

m. Sincerity

n. Warm personality

o. Accessibility

Humor Sensation

A successful candidate must be able to remain calm and in a state of emergency and be fully flexible to work with new people, to work on different voyages and to work outside hours. The role of cabin crew is glamorous?

Well, they are absolutely fascinating and certainly the benefits of traveling. People can see flight attendants in action, come from all over the world and give you an immediate impression of what they think of the job. In fact, the customer sees only a fraction of what is happening to ensure that each flight is successful. The truth is that cabin crew should combine a flying waiter or waitress, a mobile business assistant, cleaner, and all emergency services. This can be an exhaustive and misleading way of life which will have tough demands on family and social obligations. This is also physically demanding and many people who do not have the proper physical structure (BMI or BMI) typically have lower back injuries at the workplace with luggage, cart, car and aircraft.

During the irregular flight time, during sleep and during the meal, cabin crew usually have irregular sleep patterns and food. That's why it's not a glamorous job, except for travel, hotels and beautiful international uniforms for some international airlines.

With the release of budget suppliers, many cabin crew do not travel on a plane that only lies in the rest of the country before it returns to its home country. These are referred to as flying flights and typically lead to short-haul flights of no more than 3 or 4 hours from the country of origin. Flight aids, meals, meals, or unloading benefits are also lower due to quick shifts that are short term flights

. What are the disadvantages of this situation?

a. jetlag

b. Irregular weight gain / loss

c. Smaller cuts and injuries

d. It hurts with a lower back

e. The lack of mental stimulation in the long run

f. Physical fatigue


h. Cause due to overseas travel and weather changes

i. Allergies in hotel and aircraft environments

j. Harassment from the opposite sex

k. Commitment to the relationship

l. Musculoskeletal Disease

m. Financial and lifestyle habits

n. Hierarchy Reporting Structure

o. Irregular or unaddressed working time

5. What are the benefits of this situation?

Work as a cabin crew member is not just a job but a lifestyle and an alternative and very stimulating lifestyle where two business days are probably not the same. The mere dynamics of the structure of the different personnel, passenger profiles, destinations and records ensures that it is always varied.

Also, it is possible to visit places and experiential cultures that go beyond most people. The cabin crew travels to places where you have always dreamed and sought interest in a destination that you do not necessarily have chosen.

In addition, it feels good to have business people convened in time to meet, reunite family and friends; delivering newcomers to honeymoon destinations or vacationing in the air of your dream resort. There is a real sense of doing something valuable, in such a unique way that many workplaces do not regularly produce at the end of a tough day.

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