As a medical salesperson, you are asked (on a nearly daily basis) what university diploma is acceptable for medical sales. As this area is so varied (clinical diagnostic sales, laboratory sales, pathological sales, imaging sales, biotechnology sales, medical equipment sales, pharmacy sales, health IT, medical software sales, surgical sales etc.), science and medicine successful may.

But the real (and perhaps unexpected) answer to the crucial question: If you have a sales experience, you are almost all bachelor's degree at most jobs in most companies. Personality, skills and experience have many things that healthcare sales managers are looking for. Medical sales managers want to see that they can prove that they are producing results and you can learn their own medical and technical knowledge. (And you are learning about new technologies, processes and equipment almost constantly.)

Best Diplomas: Biology, Chemistry, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular, Health Care, Kinesiology, and Sports Medicine. If you can combine such a technical / scientific degree with the sales experience, you are in a good location. If you've added some business class to that, you're even better off.

It's less well-done, but it's still a good job to measure the number of science classes in the job market (maybe a minor).

If you are on a medical sales job and you do not have a "best" grade combination, you can improve your chances if someone shields you better in the selected area and creates a 30/60/90-day plan for the interview that shows you the recruitment manager approaches the job with knowledge and plan. Eventually, you will find a career coach specializing in this field so that you can quickly and effectively turn to the most popular candidate to decide on the job you want.

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