So far, I've been training our leaders who are new to their HR work. This was a two-day training we did at Quaker Oats and included our best and future HR managers. There were 56 things to tell them to be successful. This also involved how to ask unemployed, trainers and consultants, conduct career meetings and conduct performance appraisals.

As I began to get close to completing the training, from past experience I knew that these people can not be all mentioned. So I would say that there are three things that matter to every HR job.

The first is the competence. Focus on HR work best – whether you are general, compensated or employed. Achieving a higher standard. This means focusing on your work, not on the job you want, and commits you to increase your skills to become great as you are.

The second is trust. While asking great questions about collecting data in employee scrutiny, customers want to know what they think. Leadership is about having a point in the view and sharing it. So you have to trust enough to make your own perspectives and ideas on the table in a difficult situation on a regular basis.

The third cares. No one knows great things in large, complex organizations. Collaboration requires success. And at the end of the day, it's a rogue and partnership with your clients and colleagues and recognizes that the people around you are those who look good for HR work.

I tried to keep up with these three simple rules in each of my HR work. And over the years, they have found that it is just as true for their new colleagues as the HR Vice President.

Source by Alan Collins

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