No one wakes up in the morning and says, "Honey, let's get married, go, make debt, become divorced, and be lonely in the rest of our lives!" But the truth persists, nearly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. And who says that the other half of the happiness continues to marry

You do not want any kind of relationship – you want the right one!

We are relational beings who are in contact with others. We are affiliated with love, attention, and love. Studies show that most of our lives are directly linked to the satisfaction and success of the relationships between our partners, our children and our colleagues. Yet, little time, if any, learn to learn the subject that often sets our daily happiness. 5Cs

Chemistry, Relationship, Compatibility, Communication, Commitment

A healthy relationship is like an award winning cake recipe. Several key components are needed to be successful. Leave one of the ingredients or sacrifice the quality of the ingredients, and it's as difficult as trying to operate, will never be a winning cake. The same applies to relationships.

Studies have shown that happy couples share certain relationship components or components. The more components you share, the greater your chances of having a successful relationship. It asks the right couple to get to know the right mix of chemistry and ingredients, such as connectivity, compatibility, communication, and commitment to stable, healthy, long-term relationships.


Physical Intimacy

Norepinephrine, dopamine and phenylethylamine neurotransmitters. These transmitters, when released, create euphoria, excitement and enthusiasm.

When you meet someone who is attractive to you, the brain triggers an answer to release these "feel good" chemicals. In fact, brain MRI studies have shown that when men and women show photographs of their romantic partners, brain areas are rich in doping "doping". In addition, the same area does not light up when the same topics have appeared to friends of theirs. (If he tells you to be friendly, he tells you that you are not the one who translated it literally.)

Chemistry is happening in the early stages of the relationship. It's exciting and intense but unfortunately short lived. Over time, which usually lasts between several weeks and months, the body develops the tolerance of neurotransmitters, which causes a decrease in physical passion.

Chemistry is a strong mutual attraction that combines two people. And although this is a very important ingredient, chemistry alone does not indicate a good relationship. Just as chemistry is awesome, it is not a decisive factor in choosing Mr. Right. If you make mistakes that chemistry is the ultimate factor in determining whether to continue or not continue the new person in your life, you may be disappointed in your relationship.


Emotional Intimacy

This is what we call the "old men". When you are connected to a partner at emotional level, your relationship is safe, thoughtful, mature, warm and familiar. And the longer your partner is, the deeper your relationship.

Some people and women have to be emotional. The relationship has nothing to do with sex and everything about how to feel the other person when they are around you. Is your partner comfortable and happy? Can you trust each other with your thoughts, feelings, and desires?

A person must know that a woman is trustworthy and feels that she is authentic and real before her heart opens and emotionally connects with her. Likewise, you must have the ability to contact you and meet your emotional needs.

An emotionally mature man is a person capable of expressing his thoughts, feelings, and concerns. She is sensitive to your needs, supports you in a crisis, and is there when you need it. On the other hand, an emotionally immature person minimizes your feelings, ignores your needs, and causes discomfort if you need help. [19] Compatibility

Opponents can attract, but not necessarily, a good life with partners. To be compatible, it is the same as thinking. When it comes to relationships, it must be compatible with key areas. In basic thoughts, ideas and values, it must be similarly thoughtful. If compatible, its similarity moves closer closer. If they are incompatible, the differences lead to one another. Does this mean that you have to share everything together? Not at all. However, it is less common if you share the following ideas:


Financial disagreements prevent chemistry and short-term connection. One can not be economical while the other is actively getting debt.

Most people are afraid of the relationship. Let's say Mr. Justice was out and he was courting for many months. She took dinner, the movies and bought gifts for special occasions. The last thing you want to do is love a woman who accepts her gifts and 19.99% rewards her designer handbags on a credit card. If you get married, you think you have to pay very well to your Coach bag

Similarly, when you're on a budget while Mr. Wonderful purchases drinks that everyone knows that their credit cards are max the connection is already terrible.


Successful couples report their partners about their best friend. A friend is a man he knows and trusts. You share love, time and common interests. Friends support each other in good times and in bad times. This does not mean you spend time with you and never play golf, fish or play with guys. This means that while hanging out with guys, I can not wait to come home and see you at the end of the day.

Similarly, while you are working, you spend time with family or buy the girlfriends you can not expect to get home.

Humor Sensation

If you find a partner, you can laugh, you will find something special. There is no more attractive and attractive person than a woman with a sense of humor. If you can keep the laugh and continue the conversation in weeks, months and years, you will not only grasp your attention, but capture your heart.

Default Values ​​

You can share a bed and have a good sex, but if you do not share basic essential values, you will not share anybody anymore. Both partners can reach a compromise in a certain position. However, with fundamental values, there are strong boundaries when you are looking for a long-term committed partner. There is no compromise on lies, fraud, theft, mental, emotional or physical abuse.


According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, 12% of men and 17% of women sexually abused adolescence. If you had any ill-treatment, I would encourage you to seek outside help. You will find comfort knowing that you are not alone.

Not all sexual assaults result in adult sexual problems; however, childhood experiences show that sexual harassment has the greatest negative impact on adult sexual activity.

A healthy relationship is a sexual relationship. Men and women may be different in their sexual drives, but it is important to discuss all aspects and preferences of sexual life. Do not take the surprise of sexual fantasies or lack thereof for six months committed to relationship. Be open and honest.


Learned how to communicate with your social environment that grows up. Each partner creates a completely different communication tool. It is your job to learn how to support good communication. Couples who know how to communicate their thoughts, thoughts, and beliefs increase the chances of maintaining a long-term relationship.

Successful communication can be learned. Successful couples are partners who learn how to communicate with each other in a clear and concise manner. They do not require, do not take their patience and do not call each other their name.

To be an effective communicator, you need to be healthy to respect the differences and compromise your willingness in difficult situations. Couples struggling to communicate tend to respond to the needs of their partners rather than emotionally respond to their own needs.

Today, many families are mixed with family. Keeping this in mind when confronting a problem is a solution. Focus on the problem, not the man.

If you want to know how to communicate with others, take a whole day to see how it works with your family, friends, and colleagues. Even better, take a voice recorder and listen to it as you speak and respond to others.

The mode of messaging is as important as the message itself. There may be a response to the problem, but if you pass the message sarcastically, words of wisdom will be deaf ears.

When it comes to effective communication, timing is all. Never attack him when he or she starts night or night or in the morning. There is never a real reason for a woman to raise her voice, be hateful or harsh. When you need to talk, ask when it will be a good time.


Mental Intimacy

According to studies, happy couples are committed couples. Commitment is when a couple makes conscious decisions through connection issues, regardless of the challenges they face simultaneously.

Men are not afraid of engagement. However, they are afraid of being committed to bad women. Also, it does not intimidate you or you are too shy to raise the subject. When Mr. Right followed you, the time to get acquainted with you and emotionally connected with you does not want anyone else to have you.

This is said to be just about sex, does not want to exert pressure on the commitment. When it comes to engagement, it has its own agenda, and just as you can not bake the jelly, you can not force a violent relationship until it's ready.

If you are several months or more than one year and your relationship moves not toward commitment and you feel you need to know where you are, you can gradually retire, spend less time and spend more time with family and friends. It will usually take up the subject in a few weeks. If so, ask him to talk about his intentions and where he sees the contact. But this is not the time to put pressure on him or give him an ultimatum.

This is your life. And you have every right to receive what you want and not to settle. If you've done everything you can and Mr. Right is not sure about your commitment, you can choose to stay or decide to run away.

Source by Marsha A Johnson

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