Communication can be meaningful and decisive, provided it is specific, accurate and precisely in its context. The clarity of the mind and the "cohesion" of the words that are spoken reflect the correctness of the situation. Political, social or cultural circumstances will be cordial and leave a memory in the mind. It is therefore important to understand the meaning, definition and use of clear communication. We must also keep in mind that in order to make a decisive decision, we need to communicate properly. Therefore, ambiguity and clarity make a difference to a new chapter in our everyday life.

Ambiguity occurs when a word or phrase has multiple meanings. It is also a fact that ambiguity increases with usage frequency. It is important to understand ambiguity and its common use, not multilateral types and situations. Its ambiguity and delusions are commercially and technically of a linguistic and scientific aspect. It is important to know that its ambiguity, technically or scientifically, can be significantly ineffective. Nevertheless, it can cause disaster or minor damage from a linguistic point of view.

The clarity of communication, whether oral or spoken, often reflects a balanced attitude of one person. In such a situation, the clarity of communication makes it possible to achieve the objectives. Using simple and proper words and phrases will result in a whole episode of life. It maintains water at a very high level in political, business, commercial and cultural fields.

There are people who tend to overcome their responsibilities, so ambiguity develops. This leads to chaos and confusion. While pure thoughts and the purity of intelligence reflect the ideas and propagation ideas. Therefore, adopting an approach that leads us to purity will be beneficial both financially and mentally.

It is determined that purity is the balance between exact words and familiar words. This is a relationship with an idea that seeks the entire communication efficiently.

Summits of the discussions focus on the focus, coherence and unity of the idea. Accuracy combined with appropriate timing results in clarity of communication

Source by Ehtesham Mirza

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