Body language is an effective tool that can influence your thinking and influence your decisions. When used skillfully, it is possible to influence others and think and respond to the way you want them to behave, through the strategic planning of their own intentional gestures, facial expressions and gestures

. the pitfalls work in two simple ways:

1. It will seem more confident if you are using positive body language. When you move and behave yourself and seem to "project" positive vibrations, you feel better and control yourself right away. Communicating body language is contagious. In our conversation we imitate each other. Did you notice that they seem to fit the other person's speech, body movements, gestures, and facial expressions?

It's not wonderful to do this every day we communicate. Yet, we do this without being noticed.

If you use a positive body language, the other person is more likely to use positive body language (reflects), which in turn feels certain feelings for the other person (happier or more confident in their choices, etc.)

Attention: The opposite is true , so do not show body movements, facial expressions, or gestures that are negative or negative when you do not intend to do so. 19659002] We know that positive body language improves everyone's mood. Let's see how a comedian can make gestures, facial expressions, and exercise to make the audience laughable. Often the oral message is funny, but body language only reinforces humor and audience reaction.

Here are some ways to communicate more effectively without words:

1. Take note of your own positive signs that you are planning.

a. If possible, direct eye contact. Approximately 70% acceptable in North America and the United Kingdom. In Japan, for example, an acceptable "gazing rate" approaches 50%, and in most Scandinavian countries the acceptable "gazing rates" may be up to 90%. We recognize that cultural differences are among the three keys to the interpretation of body language

b. Smile or rest your lips. Avoid lips or touch your face again. Nobody trusts anyone who speaks his face several times.

c. Stand with an open posture. Keep your arms and feet loosely and loosely and try to stand sideways, at a slightly angular angle with the other person or right-eyed right eye, if you are directly against the other person. Looking at the left eye of the other eye is the most pleasant speech or silence.

d. Keep your hands up and your hands are quiet. It is important that the open palm appears more often while it is in motion. It refers to the unconscious mind that you are not threatened.

e. Avoid nervous or pungent gestures, such as tapping nails or tinkling changes. This means high-level "internal dialogue" or "chat". It is a problem that you are nervous or restless or nervous or you just want to go further

. Always keep an eye on the other person's body language while in conversation. Take care of signs of negative body language or whether the customer is bored. It may be that the other person is staring at his shoulder, playing with a zipper on a coat, jingling keys, and various articles, such as scarves, gloves, and hats. These emotions and attitudes appear.

3. Later he starts to mirror his other body language. If the customer leans forward, he must be in anticipation with interest. If they fold their arms around them, cross their arms but reveal their fingers and ensure that they are divided. If you are in contact, start driving. Make sure you can drive. For example, if you have a meal with someone, you can reach your water glass. If they even get to theirs and follow them, you are now connected.

4. If you want to add a more positive voice to the conversation, slowly change your body language to make it more positive. Fold your arms around your arms and feet, tilt your head slightly while listening, and express your head as you speak. No one takes seriously when they speak a tilted head in business. (Note: When dating or flirting, head tilts wonders and is extremely powerful!)

5. It's important to note the following. Do not try to change your body language (excessive movement of the body, touching the face, nervous knees, Figure 4) when you are talking because it typically indicates that you are trying to take over the conversation. If possible, we are more attractive if you can move first or during a break, relax in your posture and start talking.

Briefly, pay attention to it and strategically direct your body language and watch the reactions from others. In practice, he begins to recognize how effective his own body's strategic use is to infect the other person and achieve the desired result.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to get what you want whenever you want without saying a word

Source by Eliot Hoppe

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