Many couples now struggle in marriage because they simply exist together. Communication between husband and wife is minimal or even non-existent. When this happens, marriages occur when communication is one of the most important aspects of the relationship.

People want to have a close relationship in their lives, and none of them is more important than their relationship with their spouse. If there is a problem in this relationship, then this will affect every other area of ​​our lives. Ask yourself a few simple questions to see whether it is matched in parallel or really a communication pair. You want to spend time every day to share the day's events, what's going on well, and what's not, and you just talk about things you enjoy?

Or do you just give as much information to each other, the sun as efficiently as possible? Do you often keep your spouse secret? Or tell them what you do not want yet? When is the spouse speaking, are you really listening or thinking about the next item in the "do's" list? Similarly, when you talk, do you feel heard? Do you miss the way to avoid conflict with your spouse or, on the other hand, feel that your spouse can not do anything?

Answers to these questions are likely to be telling you where you are in marriage. If we all consciously live together, make our commitment to change. Bring back communication to your relationship. This will certainly help you guide your marriage in a positive direction.

Source by Robert Joseph Thomas

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