I always like it when I hear a very stylish loudspeaker. Barack Obama is elegant. Sean Connery is elegant. My first class teacher, Miss Banta, was elegant. I was in class when she always told us "extra" things in her class. His enthusiasm was contagious. I remember the things she said and the way she glared at him like a butterfly.

Elegance is not only a pleasant sound, but also an interesting, convincing, memorable content you say. People who spit out their talk with interesting stories, anecdotes, and novel information will eventually lead us to and watch over them. These people are elegant communicators. The good news is that this is not talent. This is skill and can be learned. This ability is applicable to public speaking or everyday communication.

Elegance in communication like Dress for Success goes deeper than clothes. Elegant communication involves all aspects of your being: your actions, speech, nonverbal communication, your choice of words, and your character. Elegant communication involves your behavior, speaking and basically your way – yourself and others – at all times, especially in the event of a crisis. Elegance means that grace is depressed.

Both men and women can be elegant communicators. John F. Kennedy was an elegant communicator, including Abraham Lincoln, especially during his debates in Douglass – when he unknowingly won the heart of the nation. Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu-Kyi from Burma is one of the most elegant communicators. In protest against violent democracy, you can only use the eyes and the dignity of the crowd. And the elegance and the grace of Nelson Mandela helped with great pressure and difficulties to change the world in the 20th century.

Most elegant communicators did not all have the skills, but they worked very hard to get them. Grace Kelly was as embarrassed as Philadelphia's hardened mood, when she was eighteen, asked her father to a tape recorder and listened to her voice and improved the inflection with great discipline. Later, as a successful actress and princess in Monaco, this discipline and determination made a monumental distinction in communicating with monaco, European and secular people and helped her serve the American ambassadors of culture and people. [19659002] Ancient Greek spokesman Demosthenes was the classic example who worked very hard to be an elegant communicator. He was born with a serious speech restraint and people were stuck in his first general assembly. To learn to speak clearly, speaking pebbles in his mouth and listening to races upwards. (Not only did he encourage him to improve his speech skills but also with his great physical form (another aspect of being elegant) .To confirm his voice on the beach, he spoke over the whirlwinds of the waves, and his determination helped him become one of the greatest speakers in ancient Greece [19659002] You can learn the skills of the elegant communicator and call the 12 steps to be an elegant communicator – you can follow guidelines that can change your life. 1. Honesty: Practice all your business transactions , All Relationships

2 Trust: Trusting out and out of trust, without selflessness help others to be confident [3] Flexibility: Plan B "

4 With Passion: Be Sensible rush all that you do, feel the passion, make things that you suffer, often do them.

5th Practice : Practice hard for a long time while tired and often exercising.

6th Praise: You are very encouraging for yourself and for others. Give Praise to Showers

7. Play : Yes, play. If you want to be elegant, learn to play. The game creates balance in our lives and allows us to become more creative and productive when we work

8. Posture: If your posture is good, your performance improves. Do not let it be lazy. Set yourself up as a person who is good character and is NOT residing there, it matters to you!

ninth Physical Appearance: We strive to fit, give you confidence and keep the best.

10th Interesting : Learn to live a variety of lives, read, go to workshops, learn, hobby, adventure!

eleventh Interested in: Ask and inquire about others, ask questions frequently. Ask questions always.

12th Discipline: Be disciplined, find a way to discipline your life. Focus and use discipline to focus. Goals Every Day, Every Month, Every Year

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