The current economic situation in the United Kingdom requires more and more people to benefit, primarily Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA), which is paid to the unemployed

Below I've listed the lessons, Job Center Plus is not tell me when you need a work allowance.

1) Get information – Read the website to get the basics you can claim and claim – you can not do it as soon as you have to say you have to keep the ground.

2) Tell me – Ask me about your claim for two weeks to find out what's happening – in my case, I've never been able to talk about it – but do not be surprised if they can not say more because they only have access to upgraded notes about your claim added by another team to the computer system.

3) If the JSA Claims Advisory and Job Claim Requiring Plus Plus says that you initiate this for you to ring local government offices in one month's time to ensure they know the claim. In the event that there was a problem between Job Center Plus and the council, which caused a four-month delay, it meant that I had to complete several forms and then went to another one to three months.

4) What can I do for someone else? – Follow the INF2 brochure from your job center – this will inform you what to expect from the JSA and begin filling out the appropriate forms. Unfortunately, this is not done until you decide on the JSA, which can take up to 3 months, then contact the other forms and wait for this claim. Knowing what you can claim and getting the forms will speed up the process. Make sure you tell the tax creditors the circumstances of the change.

5) They only do their job – PLEASE to be polite to the staff – it is not their fault that the system is pitiful and overworked. Shouting and shouting and his head can not be reached against the brick wall.

6) Be a patient – these tips can speed up the process and take one step ahead of potential problems, but there are many obstacles and problems that may arise for months. beat. I do not work for 5 months and I was still waiting to hear some of my claims.

7) Do not assume something when you said it was – If someone tells you something happened or you have tested the double check with the one who waits for it to arrive and is right. We do not assume that everything is in place – it saves you time, instead of listening to it in six weeks that something has not arrived.

8) Company Director of a man companies – IF YOU STOP pay a single money. You will not pay to JSA if you pay for it, regardless of how much it is and regardless of whether you are getting money in the store. I know you can have a hard time in the store and you can not touch it, but you have to leave it there. (My mistake is that I pay the minimum wage for 3 months, and finally I've earned £ 5k!)

I'm not responsible for following the steps in this post – at your own risk. I have enough problems without giving me sorrow, 0)

Source by Darren S Michaels

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