1. Costs and Benefits

A job that can lead to potentially well-paid careers that only requires a high school diploma or GED is the initial salary and benefits of a newly recruited official. [19659003] With $ 35,000 starting salary, medical, dental, leisure, paid training and more, this is a career that is difficult to pass.

You probably work in a federal, state or local organization, you also have an incentive for a government retirement plan that usually allows retirement after 20 years of service

. Labor Control

Crime is part of life, and the unfortunate reality is that it is growing in most parts of the world. Let us take this together with the fact that the United States currently holds most prisoners around the world; it is easy to understand why many feel that the correctional officer is a great job security.

Furthermore, by increasing the number of prisons and prisons throughout the country, new establishments must have trained and trained staff to ensure that prison officials continue to demand high demand in the coming years

. Progress Potential

Since the Entry Level Education Requirements of the Correction Officer are only a high school diploma or GED, the requirements for access to a higher position may be simple.

Completion of the Bachelor's degree, most of which have already completed their application as CO and are two-year or four-year qualifications and have one to three years of direct experience as a correctional officer based on their position.


1. Hours and Schedule

As a new lease for entry to any correction facility, you probably will not say too much about the hours or days on which work is needed. This can be a major disadvantage for single parents or individuals who require greater control over their work schedule. Most officers realize that while they are performing probation time and increasing their time at work, this is a situation that slowly remedies itself at a time

. High Stress Environment

Due to the nature of the work, stress is almost inevitable, which will be encountered every day. To deal with this stress and to deal with it as much as you consider a correctional officer. Some people are not able to cope with stress, but many people are able to cope and succeed in the situation.

3rd Security

Work as a Prison Officer requires that it is obviously working close to and around detainees and detainees who are at different levels of offenders. Not only is it necessary to look after your own personal security while on duty, even when it is necessary to protect the lives of detainees, such as prison battles, riots or any other type of disturbance.

It is all about doing the right workplace training and awareness of the environment is essential for success. The disturbances listed above may be dissatisfied, but can be handled and handled if you become more and more involved and can search for more information.

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