Proper communication between the organization and its business partners is needed for the success of any business. That is why people always use the latest and most technically advanced communication methodology. During the writing of the letters, it was an ideal way of communicating with customers, later replaced by a telegram and then by telephone. However, as businesses are not limited to a particular area these days, but are globalized, the traditional communication method is not enough and thus has a more effective way of communicating with people in real time. This extremely effective method, called a teleconference call, not only made it easy to communicate with customers but also made it possible to make quick business decisions.

Technological development significantly reduced conference calling costs, which, together with the great benefits of teleconferencing services, have made this powerful method very effective. Audio and video calls included in the teleconferencing help business leaders regardless of geographical location for customers and employees anywhere in the world. Teleconferencing services are not only popular among business people, but also among ordinary people who are extensively using these services to connect with relatives around the world.

The Web Conference has several ways. This not only promotes communications with business partners and investors, but saves a lot of time and reduces travel costs that were incurred when organizing a business meeting and at a meeting place. In addition, the time saved can be used to carry out other important work that has proved to be obvious to the organization's development. For all of these reasons, a large number of medium and large companies took part in the teleconferencing service.

Based on the high demands of teleconferencing calls, many companies have come up with personalized services in this area. Conference services provided by these companies offer interaction vis-a-vis, seminars and meetings, and presentations. These companies also offer desktop sharing tools that help conference participants to easily share important documents, word docs, and excel pages. These tools also allow a participant to easily access other participants' desks without connecting a LAN. However, this is not the cost of data security. Companies providing teleconferencing services pay particular attention to securing confidential data and not accessing third parties without proper authentication

. Conferencing can therefore deliver long-distance business activities in real time and cost. As a result, business decisions – which have long been undertaken – have accelerated considerably. Consequently, they have become an integral part of the conference services, which has become apparent that business companies have opened a fully virtual office to meet their communication needs.

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