A student leader is a student who is able to assume the responsibility of leading a group. The student leaders are determined on campus basis. The term means that a high school student may be the leader of a student, with the attention of his other students to that post.

It is said that leaders are born, so leadership leaders are also born with leadership skills and have to define the skills from the initial stage to get rid of these skills with time, age, and experience. Although leadership qualities may suddenly differ from one individual to another, it is common for leaders to have something in common. These basic common features are discussed here to highlight the basic properties that are expected to be present in the students involved in driving. On the other hand, these attributes are a prerequisite for leadership, so a student with such skills can be considered as potential potential for the future leader.

Leadership skills have four general aspects; these character, communication power, analytical skill, and power are to implement certain plans with one team. Let's move closer to seeing these properties in order to explain the importance of these attributes among the leader.

One of the major requirements of the leader is his character; It is expected that a leader has a variety of personalities that can be admirable, obedient, logical and personal integrity. Unless a leader has a unique personality and trust, he can not lead a group.

Analytical power is closely related to judgment and foresight. It is expected that a leader will be able to see all possible benefits and disadvantages of handling the problem, at least with better insight and pruder. Analytical power is one of the most important factors to make the right decision and the leader should always make the right decision even in critical situations.

Communication is one of the greatest opportunities for leading personality. The leadership's communication power can help drive the lead team members. On the other hand, the process of effective communication can highlight the agenda of a program that most effectively affects the short and long term benefits of the organization and policies.

The leader should move forward to reach his or her team or team. This driving force is one of the key features of a leading property that distinguishes it from others. Reading the right co-ordination power and the unquoted views of the leader can help survive the organization towards a better way of growth and a positive result.

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