Selection criteria state that employers, especially government agencies, are asking jobseekers to submit their applications to demonstrate their skills, experiences and knowledge about a particular personal property or competence. Below are the typical selection criteria:

  • A tertiary qualification or equivalent experience in a given field
  • Proven results in contract management and administration
  • Experience shown in budget management and reporting
  • Ability to work with a high performance team
  • Three-part structure is recommended for selection criteria – a positive opening, scoping statement, and 2 or more examples.

    Benefits of using the strategy

    • providing guidance to job seekers to include the best and most relevant information on a particular skill during their work
    • recommends the best structure, presentation, and format for each section, and
    • which provides a practical tool to guarantee the most complex, most effective, comprehensive, and supported competence demonstration or skill that can be submitted to all employers.

    NOTE: Many employers limit the length of responses to the selection criteria, or sometimes give 250, 500, 800 or 100 words or equivalent character constraints. Always check the full "Application Information Package" to see if there is any restriction before answering the questionnaire. However, the first drafts ignore this requirement, it only becomes important during the editing phase. Everything in the first draft should focus on creating and generating ideas. Direct your critical internal editor to hold a longer coffee break until you call.


    The first or the two sentences of the selection criteria must be a positive statement, experience or knowledge. If you have recognized past performance, this is an opportunity to show employers how to use targeted skills in working conditions to achieve good results

    Opening Examples

    • Team Work – Over the past 10 years, as a Team Leader, I have been keen to cooperate and cooperate extensively with multidisciplinary teams to deliver project results in time and budget. This has increased our company's reputation as a market leader in project management.
    • Customer Service Delivery – Throughout my customer service experience, I have dealt with the work environment, the hospitality, insurance and banking services of the face-to-face and call center business in many business areas, including telecommunications. Employers acknowledged my competencies and achievements through multiple customer service fees that both recognized individual and team performance.
    • Organization – For most of my employment, I needed to use my organizational and priority skills to handle high-volume work with competitive critical deadlines to meet stringent requirements and customer needs. – All financial management reports must make sure that the release is comprehensive and clearly indicates the financial position of the organization and its functional / operational units. They were regularly able to produce financial management reports that were fully consistent with the employer's strategic goals and provided evidence that they either validated current initiatives or provided recommendations for a commercially viable path.

    STATEMENT OF REGULATION [19659014] The outline statement deletes the components of each training area and provides an overview that serves to demonstrate to employers the understanding of the dimensions of each attribute, preferably with short examples. This section can be up to one or two paragraphs long. Formatted point-by-point form or statement, and may contain the following information

    • list of skill types e.g.comcommunication types include interpersonal, presentation, connection, negotiation, writing, etc.
    • Competence List eg. demonstrate features that routinely use in MS Word, such as creating a table of contents, bibliographies, flow charts, organizational charts, mail merge, and so on.
    • is a sketch of your method, process, process, how to approach or how to do something for example. problem solving, managing client issues, or managing a poorly performing team member

    Scoping examples

    • meet deadlines – I use a set of "To Do" lists that are constantly reprinted throughout the day as circumstances, operational and service needs change. Daily, weekly, monthly, and long term tasks, plans and projects are tracked by log and / or desktop computer systems. I usually use regular checklists to ensure that certain tasks are done in a timely manner. In addition, I hold a well-organized and arranged counter and use lists, information retrieval systems, document trays, and folders to make full use of my physical environment.
    • Accuracy and Detail Attention – With over four years of experience in data collection, I've worked with enthusiastic eyes, proven strategies, and methodological approaches that allow me to easily detect information and data disorder. In the tables, I always cross the calculations so that the rows and columns of the numbers prove the same full number. Each spreadsheet uses a self-checking mechanism that highlights the moment the stray fingers make them.
    • Pure and Solid Written Communication Style – His experience in writing communicates to targeting different audiences – customers, team members, supervisors, committees, and professionals. I am very proud that all of my documents are factual, easy to read, grammatically correct, error-free and professional. I have extensive experience in creating business correspondence and performing a wide range of documents on a daily basis, such as writing, drafting, collaboration, policies, procedures, suggestions, business issues, project management plans, marketing assurances and editing, data collection forms, surveys and newsletters
    • Experience Using Tables – I use MS Excel to record, analyze, and generate reports on a daily basis. I'm very knowledgeable about importing and filling out data in Excel spreadsheets. It can generate graphs, simple front-end forms, paste-link functions, and many data modifiers (transcripts) and statistical functions (sum, average). My specialists cover the presentation and printing of Excel worksheets to facilitate the reading and interpretation of data. Any work that requires comparative analysis by computing venues and creating budgets and tracking expenditure in MS Excel.

    The Relevant Employment Examples

    The last and most critical section of the selection criteria is to have at least two examples of your work history to show where and how you used the desired skills in a working condition to achieve the desired result. I suggest that you place 2 or 3 positions in your work history, use a business name as a headline and provide your experience with a narrative style and include who, who, where, when, why and why and with a performance statement. The examples should be written to create an image in the minds of the reader, thus overcoming the barriers to the inadequate knowledge of the industry, company, position, project, roles, activity, or discrete tasks of employees.

  • The company
    As of July 2008, I have taken over and reviewed the processes and systems that lead to the monthly consolidation of the Group's accounts. Key accountability is to ensure the accuracy of financial data, the consistency of your invoices and the strict compliance with your reporting standards across a range of billions of dollars managed by many financial reporting units. I use a number of comparative methods to check the accuracy and completeness of the submitted invoices before consolidating them into the Group's financial statements. My role requires management training and financial and accounting staff management and subsidiaries to ensure that components of strategic significant strategic financial reports are delivered over schedule due dates. Our dynamic and highly competitive business environment often requires the Board of Directors and the management to request a specific configuration of the financial information of the group in order to provide information that will comprehensively direct, direct and support strategic planning initiatives. A major challenge for special reports is that the expenditure and revenue are properly linked to related activities, are treated as consistent and consistent with the organization's budget forecast to ensure comparability.
  • company B
    As a hospital booking officer for the 2009 National Oral Health Survey Project, I have been pursuing a high volume, pressurized and futures work environment. I needed to design, organize and schedule dental clinics for six teams across the state. Each team had to treat one test day in 30 patients. My assignments included contacting the patients by providing a minimum number of appointments before confirming that the planned clinical day was approved two weeks ago. During the 3 month project I managed to reach the booking goal (not a single clinic), but my contribution has resulted in our state being the highest service quantity and the quality of the results.

Even a professional writing choice criterion can be excellent in answering. It is strongly recommended that at the moment when it identifies the preparatory position for the selection criteria, it immediately begins drafting documents based on the selection criteria based on the "Open", "Extension" and "Examples" headings and temporary subheadings. You are in the initial placement of content. In the first couple of sessions, it focuses only on setting up the framework and focusing on annotated comments or outline of the appropriate information. Strive to stay creative and do not go into editing mode. You will have a lot to do with editing as the application deadline gets closer.

If you are exhausted from energy, focus, concentrate, or unwilling to move forward, then WALK AWAY is much more productive, leave it for a day, and resume when it is refreshed and maintains an objective viewpoint. Starting sooner means that you can give yourself the luxury and time as a gift, so you can create, edit, and perform multiple scans before submitting your application.

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