All of the successful small baseball baseball coaches have common features that have "averaged" the average youth baseball coaches. These character features allow a successful baseball coach to get high-quality exercises and great game access from his team. Successful coaches can compete after the season. They often organize their teams to the championship. This article outlines what I consider to the 7-character properties of successful little-league coaches.

Successful Little League coach has 7 character properties as follows:

1. Real passion and love for the game. He really loves the time spent on the baseball court. He likes to practice. He likes to play in the games. The bigger the game; the greater the pressure; the more I like it. Study the game to increase your knowledge. He looks so many high school, college and Major League Baseball games as much as possible every season.

2nd It is sincerely concerned about the well-being of all players. She takes care of her players. She is listening to her concerns. He is concerned about their physical security and mental well-being. He wants all players to reach the highest potential.

3rd You have great organizational skills. He is thoroughly planning and organizing all the exercises. He carefully plans for unnecessary and warm-up activities. It leaves nothing to chance. All that your team does is there is time, place and goal.

4th It has great communication skills. – Know how complicated explanations of skill or drill sound are easy and easy. He does not talk to his players. It is also closely related to the players' parents. You know how important it is to communicate with your team openly your goals and ideas to parents

. Inspires both the exercises and the games. – He's never scared in practice. It always exacerbates the next game. It shows great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

6th He can discipline without getting personal. You do not get personal when you correct or discipline your players. It ensures that the kids know they love them. It does not make smart notes that are said to embarrass or humiliate players. Ensures that when problems arise, they handle them quickly and cleanly. Kids know they care enough for each of them to act.

7th Its positive attitude is contagious. – There is always a positive attitude and spirit. You know the players' behavior is emulated. If you react poorly to pressure, your team also. It must ensure patience and endurance. Regardless of the score or the situation.

First and foremost, successful coaches know and remember the following two quotation marks. When it comes to players, "You do not care what you know … until you know how much you care!" and "The Winner is not All … Waiting for Victory."

Source by Nick Dixon

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