Friendship is a feeling of being emotionally connected with another person, which comes from feelings of love. This is also a warm and intimate relationship with someone she loves and trusts. Friends are the source of happiness, joy, and company.

The importance of friendship can not be overemphasized. Friendship is important because:
• Young people recognize social skills through friendship
• Young people provide opportunities to share experiences and knowledge
• Skills in articulating emotions and thoughts are useful throughout life
• Stimulates Self-esteem
• Helps Self-confidence
• Ensures Society
• Enhances, Shares & Provides
• Promotes Mutual Respect
• Develops Interpersonal Communication Skills

There are ways to develop friendship. These include:
• Keeping secrets and building trust
• Developing understanding and empathy
• Exercising active listening skills
i. Eye contact with the other person is established
ii. Listen to the person without interruption
iii. Listen to the person without thinking about what you will say next
iv. Empathize the person as he speaks
v. Use the Declarations "I"

There are some behaviors and attributes that enhance friendship, these include: • Forgiveness
• Trust
• Loyalty
• Confidentiality

• Honesty
• Shared Interests
• Support in Good and Bad Times
• Reliability
• Empathy
• Respect
• Reason

Friendship needs to be improved and its way (19459004) • Sharing information
• Exchange of gifts
• Sharing goals and aspirations
• Getting to know each other's family and other friends
• Dating, no matter the common Sexual Activity
• Joint Problem Solving
• Support in Trouble
• Positive Wrinkle
• Having fun together

Thanks to the importance of friendship, it is very important for friends to make every effort to preserve their friends and create new ones. Behavior that can destroy friendship involves the following:
• Gossiping
• Disclosing Confidential Information
• Bullying
• Peer Pressure
• Dishonesty

• Misunderstanding
• Disease trust

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