Children started their tennis less than three years ago when they were 7 years old. As beginners, I tried to play tennis with them, that is, bouncing the ball to get caught. However, besides the given time commitments, I decided to send them to the tennis lessons organized by the local tennis academy in Singapore. A few years ago at group lessons he had the opportunity to see what good trainer good things he had:

1. Patience

I've found that the most important element a good tennis coach needs is a lot of patience. This is important because most novice do not know how to hit the tennis ball, as not everyone is blessed with loud balls. Some people just can not align themselves so well. Therefore, a tennis coach must be able to get acquainted with students who tend to play ball games naturally with those who are not of course talented. After arranging this, the good trainer would know how to give up patience when planning different types of students. For younger children, patience is particularly important. I saw coaches showing a black face after each training session because they were frustrated because they did not see the younger prizes being able to reach the ball. Such expressions of mild anger should not be presented

. Technical Skills

This is always a given. To be a good coach, you must have a certain level of tennis skills. This can be played as a young player playing as a coach year. A good trainer also has courses and will be constantly improving. In Singapore, a trained coach must have at least STA level 1 coaching certification. So always ask your coach qualification. Do not be shy because you pay for your services.

3rd Coaching Experience

Nothing experiences the experience. Can not buy or teach at school. Therefore, a good trainer would normally continue coaching for at least 10 years. These are so-called "experienced" coaches. They are training the tennis teams in the schools, some are training for the STA youth elite teams or group lessons for different children. Repeat, ask your coach about coaching experience

. Communication Skills

This is very important because a coach with good communication skills can efficiently and effectively pass on his technical skills. This allows students to develop much faster. So always talk to your coach to see if you can understand or understand what you want from him.

5th Keen eye

A good tennis coach must also have an enthusiastic eye to be able to recognize his problems on his students' stroke and therefore be able to correct or pinch such minor changes to stroke. The sharp eye, in my opinion, is like a sixth sense. Good coaches might somehow be able to see things that someone else does not see. Students can easily and easily communicate the proposed changes.

6th Positive, Firm, and Encouraged

I find that a good trainer should consistently be positive and definitive with the charges. This will ensure that students monitor and improve their teaching. Business can sometimes be "pain," and some parents or even adults can not withstand the "hardness" of coaching. However, the coach must constantly encourage him. Nothing positive. This is the antidote to our soul.

Well, I sincerely hope you can use these as a checklist when you try or review your tennis coach. Happy game!

Source by J. Cain

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