We all know that there is a difference in business communication between men and women. But what about the woman about her communication? Who is talking about how women communicate with each other in communication? Not everything is as beautiful and right as some people believe.

I'm always surprised to read a sensible article that talks about women dealing with other women. You know everything about those mysterious women who have never had trouble, have crossed or broke the relationship. Where do these women live? La La Land

I've been working exclusively for women for 10 years and we have experienced almost all the good and bad imaginable behaviors. Every day they are tired of the calls and e-mails that run the gamut. The repetitive relationships that emerge are the lack of professionals, support and empathy that come from women.

The simple truth is that dealing with women in other women is a very complex relationship. Many factors influence our communication style, some of which have been implanted since the infancy. We can not change these effects now, but we can think about it before we talk and cooperate within the boundaries of shared experiences.

Think about communication with roles in relationships: businesswoman, confidential, wife, mother, friend, sister, boss, companion, colleague, and so on. Each character needs another person and different communication styles. Be prepared to support this part in the communication style. Speech offers multiple opportunities to legitimize the communication environment. If you are literally communicating face to face, body language, inflection, eye contact, and (most important) general appearance may affect the recipient before you even open your mouth.

Let's start by talking about women's communication. We are rarely communicating proactively in our rusted, over-committed lives. When we get to other women, we usually need something (not because we keep in touch). Creating a bond before you really need something will greatly increase the chance of positive communication. One of the methods I think is extremely successful is related to a weekly ezine that I write and distribute. The ezine contains useful tips and information. When I send, I do not ask for anything. I strive to build up and get to know each other. The truth is that this will be my benefit when I need help. Whether the recipient reads my column or not, get a weekly bulletin giving you a brand awareness of who I am and what I represent. In a sure way to create a relationship that is not based on the need to send a message to a person who notes a job well done, a prize, a promotion, or another news event in his life. People like flattery and even like the most hardened profession, they like to say it makes a difference.

On the same lines, selfish communication comes from women who want to deal with themselves. In my case, women who want to do business with me to do all the work. Go to my website and find out about me and become a star finder. Well, that's annoying to me. The fact that you have to be ready to end your business while doing business. Come on right away. Tell the host who you are and what you can do with them – not what you expect them to do for you. Keep communication advantages. Do not go blind. The whole time you are in business with someone, think of WIIFM (what's with me).

On this front, a reactive common communication question is our answer if we hear someone from the blue who favors. We know they did not come to a place and want something, but they will never return the favor. Forget all the hocus pocust that is about good deeds. The simple and simple truth is that it does not work and it serves the hidden anger. If someone asks for a favor and expects him to come back, talk about trading for the first time. Call it reciprocity or anything else. Just make sure the person understands the handshake that goes into bargaining.

E-mail communication is twofold difficult because we all carry the baggage of the preconceived notions of the personal message. This is the case even if we have never met them. The written language used for communication is judged. Spend time on careful writing of written communication. Would he be offended if someone wrote the same thing to you? Is there something you've read in the message? Our e-mail correspondence is notoriously lazy in the business etiquette, because it's easy to use. Before you hit this send button, think about what you are writing and how you communicate.

One of the most common written communication errors is whether you type incorrectly or missperson someone's name. For example, instead of Catherly, instead of Catherine or Kathleen, we could use Katherine. For some unknown reasons, women exclaim over this mistake. One of the most important messages I've ever received is the cause of this simple mistake. If that happens to you, apologize and move on. If this error has hit the link, accept that nothing will save you.

What about our secret communication techniques? Within the days of sales, when women had a decision-making role, I was constantly looking into a brick wall with the door keeper. Have you met this doorguard? It's like Cerberus, who keeps the inner sanctuary. How frustrating is that if you know something worthwhile? Seriously, we all have the experience of trying to reassure or nurture that bull dog who keeps the master. And the worst is the sudden, shining, antagonistic women who are men's enemies in the door.

How can you defeat the watch between you and the signal? Simply put, you have to handle the goalkeeper before you can make any meaningful conversation. Why is this person so suspicious and cautious about his intentions? It's important to remember that he is protecting lawn. Its role is to load unwanted persons to the next level. Why do you consider yourself unworthy? He considers it negligible; After all, you're just a woman. How can someone import it?

Let's look at this thinking. Have you ever met yourself in an overwhelmingly masculine crowd with a few women? Did you find yourself gravitating toward men and ignoring women? I did this. Why, in my vast experience, did I take this behavior? Conditioned. We all have it! Due to the small number of businessmen where men are in the business environment, I am forced to make decisions about women in the room. Why are they there? Will they help them? What's your purpose? Given that they are also growing; can they be of any significance? Have I examined their appearance? Receive. I looked at him for the last detail. Interesting analysis, huh? This is what the doorkeeper thinks of you!

An unlucky communication that most people met with another woman who brings the ugly, green-eyed monster: jealously. We consciously or unconsciously evaluate and compare our successes or failures among our acquaintances or even the full achievements of high-ranking women that we can never hope to repeat. These assessments are oblique compared to the communication style. If you have a greater success, your profile is higher, the worst is assumed. Their suspicious minds want to know how they got there. We think you have to sleep with the boss, the goods are in the company or the "token" women (you do not have to worry that you are not alone in the same thoughts). Overtake yourself! She won !! You may not be able to control your emotions, but you can not ignore your thoughts in the tenor of conversation. Think before you talk. Remove any preconceived notation from spoken person, which may distort the message being delivered. Take some benevolent speech as you enter your thoughts. Make it equal. It's an old saying, but it sounds like the truth: It takes your pants to one foot just like you.

What about a comfortable, non-communicator? Did you ever have a colleague who just worked on the top of the company just to get rid of those on the lower level? I know such a person. She went so far as to say to me: "I have no time to associate with a person who is not in my level in the food chain." I've known this person for a long time and it was just a regular "gal". This phenomenon is more widespread than you think. Psychologists called it a "pull-bridge syndrome". He raises up the bridge as he crosses and advances to the corporate ladder. Do not let this happen to you. Remember where you came from. Be True to yourself and to those who support you. Every woman has to be treated with the same respect, no matter how high a ladder is to succeed.

The confusing problem with communicating women is that we get everything personally at the end of the host. Whether it is an unfavorable answer, a statement about a situation or a question to be resolved that many women treat as personal abuse. Bad! What's happening in the business. It may be good business practice and nothing to do with gender in person.

Here are some successful ways to open the door for a long-lasting relationship.

o Submit a recommendation to someone who already knows or works with the person you are trying to help. Oral communication strongly affects women. The insight provides instant credibility.

o Ask for help or assistance for a project. Depending on the type of appeal you make affects your success. Make a short and sweet request with clear results. "X will give you help."

o Use humor. It loosens the moment and relieves the situation. This works well if you commit a faux pas.

o Have a smart, interesting or strong statement. Do not forget that women are busy and versatile. Observe their attention with an important message.

o When you receive or experience the discomfort, let it rest before answering. Women are renowned for returning to the smart hospital.

Sometimes even the big communicator still does not get to another woman. He recently sent a message to my readers, which was pretty funny. 95% of people thought it was and answered this thought. The other 5% allow me to think that the message is grinding, arrogant, and submissive. The fact that you will never be happy with the woman you interact with. There are women who will never "get in touch" despite their best efforts. Is my advice? Continue to the next connection and place success on the rear burner. Do not destroy an ugly, conscientious (reactive) refusal.

Think first before you communicate with another woman. Run the sound through your head before you open your mouth. How does it sound to you? Would it be an insult or hostility if someone told you the same thing? Is the relationship deeper? Do you clearly state the benefit? Keep in mind that it is not always what you are communicating, but the way and the way you communicate.

Source by JoAnn Hines

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