Some people think teenagers are working team and just cringe. When I think teenagers work together, I think of the opportunities that can come from the possibility of working together. I mean the following: 19659002]

• Interpersonal Communication Skills that can be upgraded • Conflict Resolution and These young people are working in teams that benefit them throughout their lives. Learning teamwork is a valuable skill and tool that everyone can benefit from.

When designing new teams, it's important to be an advanced adult coach for team observation. An important part of the work of the coaches is to ensure that the team follows the program / mandate guidelines for security purposes, direct the team if it seems to be stuck or dragged to look back to the valley, focusing on the project (which can sometimes cause serious difficulties the team of teenagers!) and above all, the coach's responsibility is to make the environment a good thing to work, team-building exercises, team building experiences (entertaining things – really needed), heart-to-heart conversations, identify individuals how to work better with others , or just open, constructive group discussions.

is great and proud of their efforts, but I'm most proud of the experience they offer to each other and to me. This is what I observed: – Brainstorming teens are the group of the most creative people who come up with different ideas and share them (no matter how bizarre they are – hey, some pretty good and viable options!). Their creativity results in very creative solutions. – They play a leading role throughout the process in different ways. I think a real leader is a person who not only "guides" the team, but also motivates, encourages, inspires and cooperates with the team. – teamwork is the number one! Without effective communication, there is chaos and hostility, and the team will work against it. The successful communication of the team is key to the team's success. • Conflict Solution – In any team, the conflict is over, and when a team gets a teenage group and each of them expresses their ideas, you know what's happening. That the conflict is about an idea or solution or personal conflict that needs to be solved between members of the team in order for the team to work together and be effective. Critical Thinking – ability to evaluate complex issues and acquire a viable solution; then the plans are in place for the team to agree – all I can say is, "Wow!" – as the team meets to achieve work and goals. They share what they know; enough for each other to be comfortable enough to indicate they do not know something (which is difficult for adults too!); share their boundaries and help each other to learn new things. • – Each team member has their own strength to share with the team; they are not afraid of sharing skills and the team provides the necessary support to each other. – Comeback teens can show that they can be warmer. If they want to see them, they will come together when the time is tough, they encourage one another, and let each other know that it is okay if someone makes a mistake, facilitating team members' nerves before performance / presentation.

This does not mean that a team coach has a slice of cake. There are strong challenges and stressful situations, but hopefully the team is able to overcome challenges and learn through experience so the next team is positive and effective. Benefits for teenagers are all their lives – a positive experience for them.

Source by Tammy Potosky

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