Are you a boss or manager? The texts of comments related to performance evaluation play an important role in HR management. You can handle a few sentences as follows:

I / Performance Evaluation Terms for Interpersonal Skills

People use interpersonal skills to communicate with and interact with others. In other words, they may refer to "people's abilities" or "communication skills". Interpersonal skills include many social skills, such as active listening, voice, mission or leadership skills, and so on. Good interpersonal skills determine how well you can communicate and get acquainted with others. These skills are needed for those who want to develop their career, especially in industries such as business, marketing, customer relations or advertising, etc.

So, how can a manager describe someone's interpersonal skills? The following evaluation examples will be useful on the description of its staff:

1. Positive estimation of interpersonal skills

· Sally is gifted to make people feel brave and appreciate when they are around. Being talking to them and looking at them is so refreshing and amazing. It is a very valuable tool in teamwork and in a group work environment. · Jack can make other members feel comfortable and feel fresh at home, very naturally, just talk and smile. He is a very important element in our group. Bill has a great communication ability to maintain a harmonious atmosphere within the group. Kevin always strives to establish a positive relationship between his team. He knows how to connect teammates to each other.

Holly is a good manager who can go and maintain the spirit of staff, subordinates, and other staff.

· Tim's behavior and attitudes have a great impact on those around him. He can inspire them to work harder and more efficiently

2. Bill has the talent to deepen the feelings of others and make them more comfortable and relaxed. Negative Evaluation Terms of International Skills

· John may look attractive, but his personality does not attract people but rather takes them away.

George does not work well with other members. Peter's such strong character is not good in our group, because he wants to remove other members. [19] · John has an impressive educational background and creativity. He can easily inspire management but has a weak point: employees can not work with it.

Tim can sometimes understand the difference between "friend" and "colleague". It strives to establish a friendly relationship, but ignores what is best for an efficient work environment. [Frederickdevelopstheabilitytoworkwithapersonwithasingleperson

II / Performance Evaluation Terms for Reliability

Reliability shows how others can trust someone. Reliability of the person may depend on a number of factors: integrity, trait, personality, justice with words, and so on.

This is one of the most important features that the manager requires for every employee. The following terms shall be used to describe this description with respect to this feature:

1. Positive Evaluation Terms of Reliability

· Kyle is one of the hardest employees in the company. He proved to be confident in the job. Jennifer will never stop us from being able to do the job. We can count on it.

· Jim is the perfect person to assign this assignment. Very reliable

· We have never expected Jim's performance to be better and better by improving day to day.

· Takes you with a good deal of commitment and you can always be sure your performance exceeds your performance. the wait.

· "Thinking Solid" means thinking about April. He is a very reliable and reliable employee.

· If you want to accomplish some task, just ask Harry. It is trusted, as it has been proven that it will not do any task.

2nd Negative Ratings of Reliability

It is true that Bob is a loyal man but does not seem very reliable. The "scaled" should be the best description.

Normally, Holly is very effective at work. However, it is not a good opportunity to do everything.

· Ryan will never be willing to accept such a overtime requirement. This order should not be counted.

· During the economic crisis, we need employees who are willing to do everything we can to make sure Julia is not one of them. ] · Peter's reliability must be questioned. Its system is irregular. That's why we need to check it often.

· Unlike other employees, Kyle is more likely to go home, instead of working overtime.

· Kenney does not prove to be sufficiently reliable about our expectation.

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